Robot Gets the Better of a Human

It sure looks like the robot that Binary Bard challenged got the better of him.

I cut a rug. I boogied down. I busted a move. Yet my new robot friend was unimpressed. When I challenged him to show me something better, he paused for a moment. I could hear a whirring sound behind his eyes.
Then, a surprise!

This little fella apparently has a few tricks up its sleeve.
“What else can you do?” I asked, a little bit uncertain of whether I wanted to know the answer. The machine extended another appendage that had previously been hidden. It was beginning to remind me of a Swiss army knife.

I wasn’t quite sure what it was doing, but I knew it looked useful. “Say,” I said, an idea forming in my mind, “you wouldn’t want to come along with me on Steamworks Island, would you?”
He nodded his assent, and we were off on a great adventure!
Poptropica Members will be able to join Sprocket when Early Access to Steamworks Island begins on Thursday, August 12. Steamworks island will be open to all on September 9.

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Well, to all you lucky people out there with Poptropica Memberships (not me), good luck beating Steamworks Island!  For those people who don’t have a Poptropica Membership (me), we’ve got a long wait coming up.

~Icy Comet

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