Surfin’ With Marmaduke

There is a new ad in Poptropica!  It’s a little bit different than the other ads, though.  When you log on you will have a little card-like item put inside your backpack.  The card looks like this:

If you press the button on the middle of the card that says “Play Game”, a new tab will be added to your browser, and you will get to a page that looks like this:

Press the button that says “Play Now” to play a totally awesome, super cool… a game that is okay in my opinion.  The game could be a bit better, AND you don’t get any prizes for completing it (at least I didn’t).

To complete the game you have to get Marmaduke through a surfing competition.  To control Marmaduke, use your mouse.  Use the left button on your mouse to make Marmaduke jump.  Press your spacebar to make Marmaduke duck.  You have to jump over flying fish, rocks, and sharks, and you have to duck birds.

In my opinion, this game got a little hard towards the end.  But, I don’t know if that is just me, or if it really got hard at the end.  Okay, so whoever sees this post, if that game got a little hard to you at the end, PLEASE leave a comment telling me so.  That way I know that I am not the worst game-player in the history of the universe (which, I probably am). 😉

~Icy Comet

Edit: I just realized that if you put your mouse over the pictures I put on the blog (not the ones that the Creators had on their blog), you can see what I saved it on my computer as!  Have fun seeing what kinds of crazy titles I give things when I save them! 😀

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