Great Pumpkin Island Open to Members!

Great Poptropica Island is now open to members!  It comes out October 14th to non-members.  At least that is not as long as the last wait.  *starts sobbing*  This is really sad, Great Pumpkin Island is out to members, and I’m still stuck on the last part of Steamworks Island.

One more thing, I am now working on Grantam56 Blog (which is on Blogger instead of WordPress) and on The Poptropican Data Blog, both of which are great and awesome places!  But don’t worry, I’ll still post TONS here! 😀

~Icy Comet

Edit:Here is Captain Crawfish’s latest post, showing what members get along with early island access to Great Pumpkin Island.

A Great Pumpkin Island treat for Poptropica Members

Not only do Poptropica Members have Early Access to Great Pumpkin Island — they’ll also get an exclusive follower card if they log on during the Early Access period.

That’s right, Snoopy’s pal Woodstock can come along on your adventure! If you’re not a Member already, you can become a Member
and get the Woodstock follower card, as well as Early Access to Great Pumpkin Island.

I think we made Charlie Brown’s day a little brighter.

avatar image

If you are a member, I hope you have fun on Great Pumpkin Island!  Non-members, we have about 13 days until we can play Great Pumpkin Island.

I’m sorry I’m behind on the island guides!  I’m going to try and get back on track with those, but it might take awhile.

~Icy Comet


A New Island Means A New Map!

Captain Crawfish made a post yesterday about the new map for Great Pumpkin Island.

Wondering what the map is going to look like?  Here is the picture from the Creators’ blog.

Great Pumpkin Island's Map

You can click on the picture to get a bigger image.

Edit: Sorry, that is as big as the picture is going to get. Sorry that my pictures are getting smaller! 😉

Did you notice how Snoopy is in the title?  Of course he is wearing is pilot’s hat and scarf. 😀

Toward the end of his post, Captain Crawfish said that there are lots of mini-games and adventures in Great Pumpkin Island that aren’t on the map, so if you were worried about Great Pumpkin Island’s small size, you can relax.

The Dog has joined the gang!

Snoopy has now joined Linus, Charlie Brown, and Lucy in the pumpkin patch.

The beagle has landed

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, look who’s in the pumpkin patch this week!

Those pumpkins are getting pretty large by now, which must mean that Great Pumpkin Island is almost here. As Linus could tell you, the waiting is the hardest part.

avatar image

I wonder what Snoopy thinks of waiting in a pumpkin patch for the “Great Pumpkin” to arrive.  He’s probably freezing right now.

~Icy Comet

Fishy Hookies!

So there’s a new ad in Poptropica and it’s about FISH HOOKS! Well anyway, on to the ad. I found it on a twelve year old girl character on Shark Tooth Island. So you enter. There is a small scene of Bea getting prepared for her picture and she sneezes. It is assumed that the picture came out bad. Then you start your quest. Then there is a cutscene and Milo, Oscar, and Bea introduce themselves. They tell you the problem and you offer to help. Then they will give you a picture for Clamantha to distract her. Now you are free. Go to the door that says “Hokey Poke”. Go inside. Talk to the pink fish called Shellsea. She will tell you that Clamantha is in the yearbook room and she will give you a key. Now exit the room and go into Fresh Water High. Go all the way right untilm you get to a door labeled “Classroom”. When you click start, you will arrive at a room with pearls. The pearls are being shot at you and yu duck to avoid them. Go inside the door that says exit and make sure you get it when there are no lasers. Talk to the clam and give her the note. She will leave. Now you get 15 seconds to find Bea’s photo, so to do that, take all the pictures and grab the last one. Now you get your rewards! Exit and then leave and you will fall on the sign labeled Shark Tooth Island. Your prizes are a Fish Hooks t-shirt and an Underwater Effect which makes it look like you are underwater! 😉

Great Pumpkin Island is around the corner!

Your Friday fix

Before we head into the weekend, we wanted to make sure you saw this: the info page for Great Pumpkin Island is up, with some cool new screenshots you haven’t seen before!

Great Pumpkin Island is coming very soon. You’ll hear the release date first right here on the official Poptropica blog!

avatar image

Here is a picture of the page about Great Pumpkin Island that is now on Poptropica.

Great Pumpkin Island will be coming out soon for anyone with a membership!

~Icy Comet

The Ugly Duckling

It’s a conversation piece

Imagine having something like this on display in your home. You’d need a pretty big house — not to mention money to burn!

What kind of bird is that, anyway?

avatar image

In my opinion, if that bird was a duck, then it would fit perfectly as the role of the ugly duckling!  What does Captain Crawfish mean it is a conversation piece, anyway?  Does it mean that people just sit around talking about it?  Probably not.

~Icy Comet

Another Store

Have you ever noticed how many islands have stores in them?  There’s Mythology Island, Steamworks Island, Big Nate Island, 24 Carrot Island, and you get my point.  It looks like the Creators have decided to sketch ANOTHER store!

Great Pumpkin Island is coming very soon, but every day isn’t Halloween at Poptropica HQ. We’re working on more new Islands for you to enjoy, too!
Need proof?

My, that’s one fine looking general store. It reminds me of the lovely seaside resort towns I used to ransack on Skullduggery Island. Those were the days. Nowadays it’s all fences and gated communities.

avatar image

Also, there is a poll on the Creators’ blog.  The poll is about if you have found the balloon with the three on it in the common rooms.  The last time I checked 85% said no.  That 85% includes me.

~Icy Comet

Lucy has arrived in Poptropica! To yell at her brother!

Shark Boy meets Lucy

So Icy Comet did a quick post about Lucy being in Poptropica. But here is the actual conversationn with Lucy:

You: You look worried.

Lucy: Linus is going to freeze out here, waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

You: You’re right. It could be dangerous out here at night.

Lucy: It’s not him I’m concerened about.

You: Oh no?

Lucy: I’ll be known as the sister of the blockhead who caught cold on Halloween night, waiting for a flying pumpkin!

Lucy has joined the gang!

Lucy has joined Linus and Charlie Brown in the Pumpkin Patch!

This pumpkin patch is starting to get crowded! Now, you can talk to another member of the PEANUTS gang in the sneak preview of Great Pumpkin Island.

Lucy has joined the fun — or has she shown up just to yell at her brother? There’s only one way to find out.
Charlie Brown and Linus both have more to say this week, too. If you haven’t seen the sneak preview of Great Pumpkin Island yet, now’s the time!

avatar image

If you are wondering what Lucy is going to say either click HERE to go to Poptropica and find out, or wait until either me or Super Thunder does a post on what she is going to say.

Also, if any of you are wondering if I’m still looking for authors, I still am.  Anyone who wants to can leave a comment on either the post I did about wanting authors (click HERE to go there), or on the Become an Author page (click HERE to go there).

~Icy Comet

This Ad is Loopy!

I know, corny title.

There is a new ad in Poptropica for Fruit Loops!

To complete the ad you must get the Witch Doctor to share his Fruit Loops with Sprinkles Cereal.  To do that, you must chase the Witch Doctor completing different challenges along the way.  The challenges are getting 10 pieces of Fruit Loops Cereal into a box with a limit of three different items getting into the box, keeping a piece of cereal up in the air, and using a catapult to hit the Witch Doctor five times while avoiding being shrunk.

When you complete the advertisement you get these items:

A Witch Doctor Headress

Sprinkle Dust

To use the Sprinkle Dust click on the button that says Select Character.  When you click on a player, the player will shrink and it will turn a different color, such as orange.

I hope that the pictures aren’t too small to see clearly!

~Icy Comet