Happy Thanskgiving!

I just wanted to wish anyone out there who celebrates Thanksgiving a wonderful and fun Thanksgiving.  I know this is a really short post, just wanted to give that little message. 😀

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

~Icy Comet


Barbie has unfortunately come back to Poptropica

Okay, I just need to get this over with as fast as possible!

There is a new Barbie Ad NOT AGAIN!  I found it on Great Pumpkin Island, in case you were wondering I don’t see why you would, though.

To complete the ad, you have to choose an outfit for a puppy.  After you do that, you have completed the ad.

The rewards you get are a Barbie Groom Pups and Glam Puppy Pal and a Barbie Groom and Glam Pups Oh So Glam Outfit.

Thank goodness that is over!

~Icy Comet

Cryptids Island is not a cryptid!

Hahahaha! I finally beat everybody to a post! Anyway, I thought Cryptids Island was a Cryptid, but it’s not.Yay! And cue the creators:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

…Cryptids Island! 

Some sharp-eyed Poptropicans reported seeing the Cryptids logo in the wild a little while back. The rumors were true. You can learn more at the Cryptids Island info page.

So what’s a cryptid? Well… there’s a lot still to discover!

avatar image

😀 I know! Sounds soo awesome!
Icy Comet: I thought I would help Super Thunder’s post be even better, and add a picture of the Cryptids Island info page that was mentioned in Shark Boy’s post.  Here it is:
As usual, the picture is too small, so you can click on it to see a bigger one.  I’m so sorry about my small pictures!

Daily Pop Has Come to Poptropica…Along With Other Updates

That’s right, Daily Pop has now come to Poptropica!

Earlier today, Poptropica was down for maintenance.  When it came back up, it brought along some big changes.

The first change is when you log into Poptropica.  The logging in part is normal, but when you are done logging in, it brings you to a page that looks like this (this page is your home page):

You can click on the picture to see a bigger one.

I couldn’t fit the top part in the picture, just so you know.

On the top part, to the left hand side, is Poptropica’s logo.  If you click on the logo, you will be brought to the game part of Poptropica.  On the top part, to the right hand side, there are five buttons.  This is what the buttons look like:

The first button, the one that looks like a blimp, will bring you to the game part of Poptropica when you click on it.  The second button, the one that says Pop, will bring you to Daily Pop, which I will tell you more about later.  The third button, the one that looks like a star, will bring you to your Stats/Store page.  There, you can check your stats and buy things from the store, just like you normally could.  The fourth button, the one that has two Poptropicans’ faces, will bring you to your friends page, where you can use Multiverse.  The last button, the one that looks like a house, will bring you back to the home page.

Now, onto Daily Pop…the thing we have been waiting for days to see it.

When you go to Daily Pop, you will automatically be taken to the Comics page.  There are three pages that you can go to in Daily Pop.  The first page is the Comics page.  The second page is the Games page.  The third page is the Sneak Peaks page.

First, more about the comics page.

When you get to the comics page, you can click on a comics logo to read the comic.  There are nine comics you can read.  Here are the comics you can read:

On the first page:

On the second page:


Now, the Games page.

When you go to the Games page, you can click on the games’ logos to play the games.  There are eight games you can play.  The games are:


Now for the last page, the Sneak Peeks page:

When you go to the Sneak Peeks page, you can look at four sneak peeks of different things by the Creators.  You can also rate them.  Here are the current four sneak peeks:

You can click on any of the pictures to see a bigger one.

That is it for Daily Pop.

Just in case you were wondering, the game part of Poptropica has not changed, except for the fact that there is a border around it now.

Before I end this post, here is what the Creators have to say about Daily Pop and the updates on Poptropica:

Daily Pop is here!

You might have noticed that Poptropica was down for a few hours this morning. That’s because the Creators were busy putting the finishing touches on the newest addition to the Poptropica experience!

Now, whenever you log into your saved Poptropica game, you’ll have even more to choose from. Jump right into your game, or check out the Daily Pop!

With Daily Pop, there’s something new to enjoy on Poptropica every day. Read comics, play games, and see sneak peeks of upcoming Islands that you can only find in the Daily Pop. Plus, there are a few added improvements that we think will make your Poptropica adventures even better.

Check it out!

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That concludes this very long post.  More news coming soon!

~Icy Comet


Fruit Loops Has Come Back to Poptropica!

There is a new Fruit Loops Ad in Poptropica!

To complete the ad, you must find all five fruit loop colors before the sixty second time-limit runs out.  This may take a few tries, but don’t give up!

When you complete the ad, you will get two prizes.  The prizes are a Mummy Pharaoh Costume and a Mummy Run Power.

One more cool thing about the ad.  I found this out thanks to coolypurr.  In a comment, coolypurr said that if you jump up onto the pointy part of the pyramid in a certain position, your Poptropican will start jumping up and down.  Thanks for letting us know that, coolypurr!

~Icy Comet



Time to Get Sticky with Honey Nut Cheerios!

Okay, horrible title…I need to get more creative 😉

When you log onto Poptropica, you will get an item card that looks like this:

If you click on the button that says Play Game, you will be brought to another page where you can play a game called Buzz’s Honey Bust.

The goal of the game is to fling Yellow Jacket as far as you can.  To change the angle that Buzz is going to throw Yellow Jacket, use your arrow keys.  To fling Yellow Jacket, press your space bar.  After that, you basically sit and watch, seeing how far you can fling Yellow Jacket.

Unfortunately, there is no prize for completing the game.  😦

Also, an update on the Video Contest.  I may or may not end the contest Monday.  If I do that, make sure you send us your videos before Monday!

~Icy Comet

Dramatic Cliffhanger

New Scene!

Dramatic Cliffhanger
Monday November 15 2010
Where is this, anyway?

When I found out there was a creature as reclusive as me, I had to see for myself. I just hope my sherpa guide doesn’t let go.



Hello World!! :)

Hi I’m Popular Jumper!! I am so glad to post here!! I couldn’t have done it without the Authors of Icy Comet’s blog and the founder, Icy Comet!! Some of my favorite shows are Spongebob Squarepants, SNL, Shake It Up, and Wizards of Waverly Place.


Jeff Kinney of Poptropica created his 5th book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth.

I hope to see you again!! Bye!! 😀

Hi World!

Hello! I’m Nessabc and this is my 1st post on Icy comet’s blog! You can find me a bunch of places, like Poptropica, Club Penguin, Girlsense, and PoptropicaSecrets where I’m always Nessabc. But on poptropica I’m Short Lizard. I have my own blog, which is nessabc.wordpress.com. You may have heard about Life, Why Do You Hate Me So? which is a story I write. I’m a sports lover who LOVES presents, and I just got lucky because I have a birthday coming on December 5th and with Christmas just around the corner, I’ll be getting a present buffet! I’m basically the geek girl, and I LOVE reading. I like the Sisters 8 series, which is kind of an underground series. Anyone will like it, I think. And like I said, I’m the geek girl, but don’t be surprised if you see “look, I’m a rabid monkey! Eeeeeaaagg!!!!”. Yup, I can get cuckoo! So don’t be afriad to see mixed personalities in the blogs written by Nessabc! Bye! 😉

Not Hiring Any More Authors

Hi peoples!

I’ve decided that I don’t want to hire any more authors at the moment.  I’ll let you know when I’ll start hiring again.  Also, Scary Shell is going to replaced with Popular Jumper.  Don’t worry, it is the same person, just a different wordpress account.  Also, I’m going to end the contest in a few days, I’m not sure what day.  I will let you know a day or two before the contest ends.  If no one submits their video by that day, I will just save the contest for sometime later in the year or next year.  That is all for right now.

~Icy Comet