Hidden Facts and Truth or Rumor

Popular Jumper saw 8 unseen moments in Poptropica!! I’ll Show you what they are!!

The Jesse James Clan: Where's Sandra?

Rich Girl with Snake Hair and 5-year old Werevolve boy= LOVE?>LOVE AT FIGHT SIGHT??

Fake Squid: Club Penguin Kraken?? Both we all guessed it.

Eric: Let's Chop Down The Tree!! Popular: You'll get in trouble with ME cuz I'm a cop!!

Mews at 10: Rap was born in 1943.

Will they start Card Jitsu?? It's a DOJO!!

It's obvious: a Horse on Cryptids Island

Mews office? We'll see soon.

Well thats it. Please feel free to Comment Below to see what you think.

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  1. Awesome, Popular Jumper! You have the coolest updates!


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