More Daily Pop Sneak Peeks

I would have given this post a better title, but I just can’t think of a good one, these sneak peeks are just so…so random!

Hit the Deck-A new Poptropica Mini-Game? It's in the cards.

Rawhide-It's a little wild, and a little strange, when you make your home out on the range.

Pilot Error-Different parts of scenes are made at different times, so we use stand-in characters when necessary.

Drawn to Life-This new Poptropica island has a unique visual approach.

Hat Trick-Take your best shot at guessing what's happening here.

Train in Vain-It doesn't look like much is happening at this station.

The Caboose is Loose-This sketch is bringing up the rear.

The Eyes Have It-This looks like a creepy subterranean lair. Can't wait to go there!


Wild West Preview Page

There’s a new preview page for Wild West Island!  Here’s a picture of it:

The page says:  A shadow is creeping across the frontier, and its name is El Mustachio Grande.  He’s the meanest, nastiest outlaw in the lands, and he’s terrorizing the good folks of Wild West Island.  With your trusty horse by your side, only you stand between the Mustachio gang and total ananrchy.  Can you bring Mustachio to justice, once and for all?

Somehow I sense another big fight that seems to come at the end of all the hard islands.  *sigh*

The island will come out sometime in Febuary for Members, and then, of course, there comes a long wait for non-members…

Edit: Here’s the Creators post, telling about the info-page (oh, so that’s what it’s called) for Wild West Island.

Get ready to go Wild!

…Wild West, that is.

You can play the Wild West Island preview right now on Poptropica. We’ve also put up our Wild West Island info page, which has some juicy new details about the next Poptropica adventure. Now, I know a little something about striking fear into the hearts of an Island’s citizens, but this Mustachio Grande fella sounds like a real terror!

Perhaps I should shoot him a text.

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It’s Disco Time!

You can become a Disco King or Queen with the newest costume in the Poptropican Store!

New in the Poptropica Store: Disco Queen and King costumes

Just released to the Poptropica Store are two new costumes: Disco Queen, for girls, and Disco King, for boys.

These outfits don’t just look snazzy. Press the spacebar when you’ve got them on, and your Poptropican will bust a move.

Let’s see some dance parties in those common rooms this weekend!

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No offense to the Creators, but these costumes look really weird!

Hiring Authors!

Icy Comet’s Blog is going to hire some more authors!  So, if you want to be an author, there are a few rules you need to follow.

  1. No cursing, being rude, hurting people’s feeling, or being unpleasant.
  2. Don’t give away my email address, and don’t give away the password to the Author’s Only page.
  3. When you post, try to stay on the topic of Poptropica.

There’s a lot more you need to know than just that, though, so, if you are interested in becoming an author, go to the page Become an Author, read all there is to read, make sure you understand everything on the page, and then leave a comment telling that you want to become an author.

~Icy Comet

Power Stranger… I mean Ranger..

I was walking in my favorite island, Early Poptropica, when I saw this:


I figured that the best day to find out what’s going on, was to go inside. And so I did. I offered to be a team member. Now, I’ve got to go through training.


After I made my way throught the obstacles (which, by th way, I could not do without Minimizer) I got this:

The Mega Mode turns you shiny and power rangery.

~Super Thunder

Giddy-up on Over to Wild West Island!

A new island has come to Poptropica!  The Creators recently announced that the next island is Wild West Island!

Saddle up for Wild West Island!

It’s official: Your next Poptropica adventure is Wild West Island. You can get a sneak preview of Wild West Island right now!

Head on over to Poptropica and access your travel map to find the Wild West preview, just below Shark Tooth Island.

In the preview, you’ll have to lasso several cows and return them to the ranch. Do so within the time limit and you’ll win a special prize! There will be a new prize available every couple of days, so be sure to check back often.

And there’s a special prize only for Poptropica Members! Just return all the cattle within the time limit to claim your Members-only Wild West Hero outfit.

We’ll have a lot more information about Wild West Island very soon. Enjoy the sneak preview!

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Be sure to ride on over to Wild West Island to take a look at the sneak peek, and, if you are a member, to claim your Wild West Hero outfit!  We’ll have more news on Wild West Island, so be sure to check back!

~Icy Comet

Edit: Here’s a picture of the Wild West Hero outfit, thanks to Super Thunder for taking the picture!

Two in One!

Two updates in one!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well! It looks like I’m not the only one. We’re hearing a lot of chatter that Poptropicans who have ventured into Cryptids Island are finding it to be a pretty scary place. As an example…

This is the least creepy thing you’ll see in this house.

Are you ready to set foot into the most frightening Poptropica Island yet? We hope to see lots and lots of you on Cryptids Island this weekend!

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// Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Cryptids Island, just like everywhere else on Poptropica, you can costumize a lot of different characters. But in some cases…

Yeesh! Why would you want to?

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Awww! Wittle Captain Cwawfish is scared! Isn’t that aworable!
~Super Thunder

Boog’s here!

I came across a place like this in one of my travel’s in Early Poptropica:

Well, I went inside, and went up, They wanted me to help Boog.

Boog needs my help, huh? Well, doesn’t everything in Poptropica go that way? People need your help, and you go and save the day. Oh well, just help him!

Tilt it back and forth slowly. When you’re done, you will get these prizes:

Yes, I’m sure the ‘croud’ went wild.

~Super Thunder

Western Sneak Peeks

You have to admit, these sneak peeks from Daily Pop really do have a western theme to them.

Saloonatics- This Poptropican is a stand-in that you'll never see on any island.

Cool Ranch- Giving you a new perspective on the next Poptropica island.

Double Dos- This cactus looks lonely. Maybe it should stop being so prickly.

~Icy Comet

Cryptids Island is now online!

That’s right!  Cryptids Island is now online for non-members as well as members!  Be sure to go check it out!  Also, if you need some help with the island, be sure to check out Super Thunder’s guide for Cryptids Island!  I hope you guys have fun with all those Cryptids!

~Icy Comet