Daily Pop Updates

Sorry I haven’t been posting about the Daily Pop Sneak Peeks as much as I should be!  Anyway, here are a ton of sneak peeks on Daily Pop:


Yippie For Hippies- No, there's no hippie island planned. We're always trying out new costume ideas.

Take That To The Bank This scene could use the color of money -- and some other shades, too.

Horse Face- A horse learns to express itself.

Buzz On- Will this scavenging bird make an appearance in Poptropica?

Mine is Yours- It might be fun if it weren't terrifying.

A Spit Meter?- Honestly, we're not sure if we want to know what this is measuring.

Rough Customers- You won't want to run into these characters in a dark saloon.

Marshall Law- Justice is black and white.

Animation Skeleton- This horse is off to the races!

Jumping Jacks- Prototyping a card game for the next Poptropica island.



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  1. Maroon Ocean (Coolypurr!)

     /  January 20, 2011

    How did you take such clear pictures??!! So amazing:!:


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