A Public Service Announcement? More Like a Membership Ad!

Is this post from the Creators’ Blog really a public service announcement, or is it just a membership ad?

Public service announcement

Wild West Island will be available to everyone on March 11 — two long, long weeks away. Members can play it right now. If you’re not a Poptropica Member yet, you are really missing out!

Take the Membership Tour to discover all the great benefits of being a Poptropica Member. Your parents or guardian can buy you a Membership online, or you can get a Poptropica Game Card from Target and other great retailers.

We have a lot of Islands planned for this year, not to mention some fun new features. Make sure you’re getting the most out of Poptropica. Become a Member today!

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I think it is an ad for Membership.  Not that I have anything wrong with Members…it’s just the Membership I don’t like.  What do you think?

~Icy Comet

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  1. I likey the Membershipey! I used to hate Membership, but then I got it, so now I LOVE it. 🙂


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