Modeling the Red Dragon Outfits!

Ok, so you all know about Red Dragon Island, and if you go there right now, there’s a sneak peek! You can wrestle, and the first rank in a Juryo. You wear whatever you want. The next rank is Maegashira:

Next is Sanyaku:

After that, is Ozeki. The O is supposed to have a line over it.

And last, but certainly not least (actually, the most powerfullest rank, Yokozuna:

Note: I took these pictures in Early Poptropica because if I would have taken them in Red Dragon Island, I would have looked fat.

Note # 2: This is the same post written in my blog, but since it was written by me, it’s not plagiarizing.

~Super Thunder, modeling for Poptropica since last month xD

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  1. Maroon Ocean (Coolypurr!)

     /  April 10, 2011

    This is pretty easy, and yes…(Shudder) you DO look fat! I thought something was WRONG with my Poptropican! :-O 🙂


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