*drumbeat* And the final competition will be…

Zeus vs. Binary Bard! Oh look, my writing looks big and bold and stuff too… I don’t know how to correct this, but it looks cool!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Villain Showdown: The Finals!

The votes are in, and only two Poptropica villains remain. Who do you think is the best Poptropica villain of them all?

Zeus vs. Binary Bard

Voting is now open in the sidebar. It will be open for a full week so you can make your choice.

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Who shall win? Only I know! Actually, no, I don’t know. But I wish I did. I really like Zeus, but he tried to kill me! And Bianery Bard… I don’t like him, and he tried to kill me. So my vote is for Zeus. Currently (when I voted), the results were 887 (45%) for Zeus, and 1,064 (54%) for Binary Bard. Now, I’m not the greatest at math, but I don’t think 45 and 54 add up to a hundred. :O Oh noez! Someone has stolen 1%! D:
~Super Thunder
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