Shrink Shot Game PRIZES!

Have you wondered about what prizes there are in the Shrink Shot game? Well, here’s your quick guide to what they can do!

For Non-Members and Members…

Crayons: You can select a color to colorize someone or yourself-(Ev-ery color of the rainbow, except Indigo)

Balloon: A blue balloon you can hold with a picture of– A shrink ray!

Soda Bottle: A bottle full of soda you hold, lay it down, and start clicking it for bubble action! (Press Spacebar to lay it down!)

Grape Bubble Gum: Just like the free pink bubblegum in the Poptropica Store, blow bubbles (Purple, of course!)

The First Two Upgrades: The Hard Helmet and Bounce Ball, you can customize these ugly outfits if you want to not in game, and they can help you in-game! You don’t need to customize them before game, they are just provided to you! 🙂

Members Only

The “Snow Globe” Prize: There is a special Gold Card power in there, I think it’s “Sparkle”, YOU TURN ALL SPARKLY! Oops, sorry. No fair I’m not a member! (You can also sparkle others, I think.)

The Last Three Upgrades: Propeller Hat, Spiked Hard Helmet, and Spiked Bounce Ball to do more amazing things and get the “Sparkle Prize!”

I’m not a member, but I would’ve gotten the grand prize if I was! Congrats to the members who did, though!

~Coolypurr, A.K.A. Maroon Ocean

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