Mystery Train Inspector Costume

Members can now get the “Mystery Train Inspector” Costume from the Poptropica Store!

Here is what the costume looks like:

Be the ultimate detective with this costume!

Also, if you press the SPACEBAR while wearing the costume, your Poptropican will look through the magnifying glass.

Mystery Train Inspector Costume, Special Action

Also, here is the post about it from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog:

New this week in the Poptropica Store

There’s a new, Members-only costume available in the Poptropica store: the Mystery Train Inspector costume! And the outfit comes with a cool special power.

Take a closer look at everything on Poptropica before the Mystery Train arrives on September 9.

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Last but not least, as you probably guessed from Black Widow’s post, Mystery Train Island will be available for Members on September 9th.

~Icy Comet


Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…~CONTEST!

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall........

Ahhh!!! I'm stuck! In the MIRROR!!!!

Hey guys!

Guess where I am ???

Okay, I have a contest for you!  If you tell us a GREAT story that goes with this pic, I will make a post with your NAME, LINK(if you have a blog),AND STORY ON IT!
  1. The words have to be 100 words or less
  2. The story MUST be appropriate (of course)
  3. Just have fun and be creative!

THE CONTEST IS A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  That is until September 10, so you’ll have lots of time! 😉


~Neat Comet

Where in the World is Dr. Hare? #’s 5 and 6

Here are the two most recent posts from the series of posts that the Poptropica Creators’ Blog is doing called “Where in the World is Dr. Hare?”.  See if you can guess where he is!

Where in the World is Dr. Hare?

Dr. Hare is at it again! Where do you think he is this time?

This one might be tough. We’ll give you a hint. Dr. Hare is in a national park somewhere on the East Coast of the United States.

Any guesses?

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Where was Dr. Hare?

Yesterday, we posted another photo of Dr. Hare on his worldly travels. Did you guess where he was?

Dr. Hare was at Acadia National Park in Maine, USA.

Here he is hiding in a tree at Acadia, planning another evil scheme.

Keep an eye out. You never know where Dr. Hare will turn up next!

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~Icy Comet

Neat Comet’s Costume Collecting! Pt 1

I wanted to make some costumes, so here it is!

Cool Girl

Cool Girl 1

I look gothy, but pretty!

 You need….

-Any skin color,  just be yourself! 😀

— Pink lips, usually there’s a lot of them in the place where you meet other people and chat or battle with them!

—The bangs, you can find the vampire girl after you complete the Haunted House quest thing (If you can’t find it, use the Pop Star bangs!)

—Get the black shirt and the microphone from Pop Star costume!

—Get the Rock star outfit and get the jacket and the belt (You can customize another black jacket andblack belt somewhere in other islands! Just somewhere……..)

—Get the hair in Vampire Girl 1 hairstyle

— Customize someone with a pink skirt and black pants

—Get the wings from someone (OPTIONAL)

There!  Hope you like it!  I will be posting more costumes soon! 😉

If you have any ideas, please tell us about your costume!!! Share your ideas! Just comment under this post. 😉

Maroon Ocean, Photographer Of Poptropica Pt. 1!

Hi! I’m Maroon Ocean, and I will be taking exclusive photos on the islands. Today I will be in Astro-Knights Island, a island set mostly in the Knight and space theme. (The name tells it all!)

Shouldn't they be repairing this? Holes are ugly! Especially for a castle! 😀

Need a Spacesuit? It's -387 degrees Fahrenheit here!

Virtually Defying Gravity.

Icy and Beautiful!

Flying Peacefully In Space (FPIS)


Poptropica looks so pretty! Like Earth, but cartoony...

That wasn’t a lot of pics, but I’ll be back with more in Astro-Knights and other islands!

~Maroon Ocean

More! More! More Magic Tree House!

There’s a new Magic Tree House book being advertised in the MTS Store on Red Dragon Island! See for yourself!

Dogs in the Dead of Night

You may not know this about me, but your old pal Captain Crawfish loves to read. That’s why I was so happy to see that the Magic Tree House store on Red Dragon Island has been updated. 

(Ahh! Sorry for the huge pic!)  That’s right, there’s a new Magic Tree House book out, called Dogs in the Dead of Night, and an accompanying Fact Tracker called Dog Heroes! You can learn all about these new books by visiting Main Street on Red Dragon Island, and entering the Magic Tree House store. 

Happy reading! 

~Captain Crawfish


Me: Yeah right! Pirates don’t read!

Captain Crawfish: As I said, you don’t know me! How do you know!?

Me: Oh geez.

~Maroon Ocean

Ad TV!

Have you paid attention to the TV in Bucky Lucas’s bedroom? It’s totally cool! The people there have items from past ads and current items! It’s really weird and funny! Think “random actions” with a ad item.

I love it! Especially when they show items that I’ve never seen before! I WANT THAT PAINTBRUSH! I saw it! I want it! Yeah!


~Maroon Ocean

Um…Mysteries on the Mystery Train?

This is a preview thingymajiger, and it’s Mark Twain! The famous writer! My old elementary school’s name! Wooo! Enough of the overreacting, time for the preview thingymajig.

Climb aboard the Mystery Twain

Interrogations can get pretty rough when you’re trying to solve a crime on the Mystery Train. 
Even Mark Twain can’t handle the third degree.

Keep an eye out right here for more info about Mystery Train Island, coming very soon!

~Captain Crawfish


Hah! Very soon…….For members! Or is that the info? Hmm…

(Please excuse Maroon Ocean while she thinks. She will sign in a moment. Thank you!)


Mystery Trailer!

Okay! They’ve come out with this trailer about Mystery Train!

Watch the new trailer for Mystery Train!

Mystery Train will be open to Poptropica Members on Friday, September 9. The wait is on! 

~Captain Crawfish


This new island looks totally exciting! And I’m even more excited for my B-Day, tomorrow!

~Maroon Ocean (Especially maroon for the occasion!)

D.C. Diner Tips and Tricks

Here’s a post from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog with tips and tricks for when D. C. Diner gets a little complicated.

Poptropica Tips and Tricks: D.C. Diner

Things sure get hectic in the D.C. Diner. Here are a few tips to keep your restaurant in ship-shape.

Keep moving.

Don’t just stand there waiting for your cook to fill an order. Head back to the table and see if another customer has a new order. Every second you’re standing still is a second wasted.

Stand in the right spot.

You can fill up drinks and bus dishes withough having to stand next to the soda fountains or the dish bin. But you do need to stand right in front of the chef in order to place a dinner order. Try filling up drinks from across the screen, or bussing dishes while you place multiple orders with the cook.

Choose your upgrades carefully.

The hostess is a big help, but you probably don’t need her in the earlier stages, when only a few customers at a time can fit at the table. But fast drinks — that’ll shave seconds off your time from the start.

Take calculated risks.

Every customer will always order a drink first. Then they will order either the chicken or the burger. Knowing this, you can take some calculated risks. Keep an extra soda and root beer on your tray. Get the chef cooking a burger and a chicken before anybody has ordered their dinner. You might end up needing to dump something in the trash, but when these risks pay off, you’ll save lots of time.

Hopefully some of these tips will help. What tricks have you found to keep the D.C. Diner running smoothly?

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If any of you guys have any of your own tips or tricks for D. C. Diner, let us know!

~Icy Comet