Hey, I’m Talking to You!

I asked a random guy in 24 Carrot Island using a Poptropica Help Blog cool glitch: “Have you ever been on a cruise ship?” And he replied, “Yes I have.”

See? Look at the pic below. You can do it too, just Zoom in on the gamescreen, customize a random person, and while it’s loading, quickly click the space the person you clicked customize on is going to be.Then you walk in the customizer! Before he/she shows up! And in the zoom space, on the right, there will be chat and battle buttons! Click on the chat one! Quick! Then select a question. The battle one doesn’t work, but it would be so much COOLER! Make sure you exit the customizer after you click the chat button to ask a question!


You can also find this glitch in a comment in the Poptropica Help Blog comment in “Cheat Codes”. You should go there too for a lot more! 


~Maroon Ocean

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