Don’t care how, I want it now.

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But I’m no Veruca Salt. I can patiently wait for Mystery Train Island and the official guidebook, but I choose not to X).

Audience: …

Alright fine, I’ll wait.

*Captain Crawfish walks on stage*

Captain Crawfish: I know how to make your wait more nerve-wracking…

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Look what showed up at our office!

It’s a real, actual copy of the official Poptropica guidebook. And it looks great, even in an admittedly shoddy photo! This baby is 190 pages packed with full-color art, Island guides, and behind-the-scenes info straight from the Creators’ mouths. It even comes with a fold-out map that you can’t get anywhere else!
Poptropica: The Official Guide will be released on October 13, and is available for pre-order from We’ll have more fun details about the book very soon!

avatar image

*glares at Captain Crawfish* What the heck?
Captain Crawfish: That’s for throwing rotten fish at me.
I never threw fish at you.
Captain Crawfish: *to audience* Who throws fish at me all the time?
*audience points at me*
My gosh, I hate you.
Audience: You make us do it!
*Captain Crawfish throws a tomato at me*
Thanks a lot.
~Brave Tomato
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