A Ghostly Preview

The Creators recently did a post that showed something a bit spooky-looking.  Here’s the ghostly post.

The ghost with the most

Things are about to get very spooky on Poptropica!

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It probably doesn’t take three guesses to tell that this picture is most likely from Ghost Story Island.

P.S. Game Show Island comes out tomorrow for non-members! 😀



The Next Island and The New Adventure

Note: I meant to publish this last week.  For some reason, instead of publishing, it only got saved.  I didn’t realize what happened until just a few minutes ago.  Sorry this is being published so late!

The Poptropica Creators recently posted about what the next island is going to be.  The name of the new island… Ghost Story Island!

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

You’ve seen glimpses of it in the Daily Pop, and now we can finally reveal to you the identity of the next Poptropica Island! The next Island will be…

Ghost Story Island!

Ghost Story Island is a spooky tale unlike any you’ve ever played. We will have a lot more information about Ghost Story Island soon. In the meantime, visit the Ghost Story Island info page for more!

And don’t forget…

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Here is what Ghost Story Island’s info page says:

If you can’t read it, it says this: Hemlock Harbor is a town with a secret.  Restless spirits are said to haunt its shores, but no one knows who they are, what they want — or how to get rid of them.  Can you hunt the ghosts of Hemlock Harbor and uncover the mystery that will set them free?

Here are some pictures from Ghost Story Island’s info page:

Now, onto the second order of business.

The New Adventure, Legendary Swords is out for everyone to play!  So, what are you waiting for, head on over to Poptropica and begin the adventure of a lifetime!

Jack and Jill Advertisement

There is a new Ad in Poptropica, and it is for the new movie Jack and Jill.  Jack and Jill comes out on November 11th, which is tomorrow.  It’s also the same day that Legendary Swords comes out in the Poptropica Store.

In the Ad, you have to help out Jack by throwing food at his sister, Jill.  You have to hit Jill with the food five times before the time runs out.  This part is really easy, and it only takes a minute or two.

If you hit Jill five times, then you win!  When you win, you get two prizes.

The first prize that you get is a Jack and Jill Turkey Costume.

The second prize that you get is a Jack and Jill Gravy Gun.

To use the Jack and Jill Gravy Gun, press the button that says “Use” on the Gravy Gun’s item card.  Then, press the SPACEBAR.  Gravy will come out of the gun, getting gravy on nearby Poptropicans.

You’ve Heard of Free…

But have you ever heard of Free+?

Free+ is something new in the Poptropica Store.  Check out Captain Crawfish’s post to learn more!


You might have noticed a new icon on some of the items in the Poptropica Store.

What is Free+? Free+ means that the item is free for everybody who wants it, and also has some extra-special features for Members. When you play “Shrink Shot” or “Prepare for Impact,” for example, you’ll get additional powers and prizes if you’re a Member.

We’re planning a lot more fun stuff soon in the Poptropica Store — including Legendary Swords! Keep an eye right here for all the latest news and announcements.

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P.S. Legendary Swords comes out tomorrow!  Prepare yourself for an awesome adventure!

The Day After Halloween: Taken Place on November 1, 2011

Brave Tomato woke up in her bed. She looked around for a bit and then looked at her clock. It was 6:20. November 1st. She looked at her costume, dangling from a hanger. The costume was aware that it will never be used again.

She looked outside from her Poptropican home. It was still dark, yet the leaves stood out in the brisk autumn air.

Brave Tomato got up and sighed, “Why does Halloween have to dash by so quickly?”

Exiting the home, wearing her signature look, she headed for school. During art class, she realized she forgot her star! She took out her blue pen and drew it on her hand, it was close enough. School was a drag, and she couldn’t wait to go exploring afterwards.

Instead, she ended up listening to her outdated iPod. “Oceans” by Evanescence to be exact. Somehow, the music made her calmer. Then she thought to herself, I’m so weird.

The whole day, she was tired. Back at bed, she finally got the opportunity to cure her tiredness.

Sorry I haven’t been posting! I’ve been supah busy!

Where in the World is Dr. Hare? #’s 11 and 12

Dr. Hare is still traveling the world!  Here are the two latest “Where in the World is Dr. Hare?” posts.  See if you can guess where he is!

Where in the world is Dr. Hare?

It’s Halloween, and while most people are thinking about treats, Dr. Hare is thinking about how to trick the world into submitting to his fuzzy-fisted rule. Here is, once again in a new city.

Where do you think he is this time?

avatar image


Where was Dr. Hare?

On Monday, we asked if you knew where in the world Dr. Hare was this time. Did you figure it out?

Dr. Hare was in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Here he is in front of the famous Galileo Galilei Planetarium in Buenos Aires.

Keep an eye out, because you never know where Dr. Hare will wind up next!

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I wonder if anyone is ever able to guess where Dr. Hare is?  I know I’m not…

First Ten Finishers of Game Show Island!

I know, horrible title, I couldn’t think of anything better…

The Creators have announced the first ten finishers of game show island!  Here is Dr. Hare, telling us who those lucky Poptropicans are!

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Game Show Island!

Many Poptropicans have already defeated the robots at their own game (shows), and made Poptropica safe for humans again. As we usually do, we want to take a minute to recognize the first 10 players to complete Game Show Island — starting with a familiar face in the first spot.

1. Grumpy Icicle
2. Maroon Seal
3. Zany Speck
4. Sleepy Wing
5. Thirsty Sword
6. Young Joker
7. Small Hero
8. Mighty Tummy
9. Sleepy Ant
10. Striped Fire 

Congratulations to all the winners so far, and to those yet to come!


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Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab mini-quest is Free!

Yep, the Creators have made Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab mini-quest free!  Here’s a post from the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, giving you more information.

Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab is now available for free!

Attention Poptropicans: The Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab mini-quest is now free in the Poptropica Store.

Wait — is that a typo? We’re GIVING this exciting adventure away?

Once I’m back from my travels, I’ll be sure to have some words with the other Creators about this. There’s entirely too much merriment around Poptropica these days!

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Game Show Island is out for Members!


I know I am reallly, really late posting this, but Game Show Island is out for members!  If you are a member, you can now go to Poptropica and save the world from robots!

Also, if you are a non-member, you can play a small portion of the game right now, just like you did with Mystery Train Island!

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Poptropica and save the world!