Where in the World is Dr. Hare? #’s 11 and 12

Dr. Hare is still traveling the world!  Here are the two latest “Where in the World is Dr. Hare?” posts.  See if you can guess where he is!

Where in the world is Dr. Hare?

It’s Halloween, and while most people are thinking about treats, Dr. Hare is thinking about how to trick the world into submitting to his fuzzy-fisted rule. Here is, once again in a new city.

Where do you think he is this time?

avatar image


Where was Dr. Hare?

On Monday, we asked if you knew where in the world Dr. Hare was this time. Did you figure it out?

Dr. Hare was in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Here he is in front of the famous Galileo Galilei Planetarium in Buenos Aires.

Keep an eye out, because you never know where Dr. Hare will wind up next!

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I wonder if anyone is ever able to guess where Dr. Hare is?  I know I’m not…

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