I’m Back!

I’m back! And not to mention completed Game Show…anyway…

Oh, WHAT did I do!?

That is Smurfing gone wrong. If you still have that transform, I’d advise you not to use it on any stray robots. The result will be something similar! (Caution: This will not allow you to customize a robot!)

On another note, the hardest game show on the island is Scaredy Pants.

1st Round: Diving with electric fish. Prone to cause flipping in water and lose time. Get the glow stick and return it!

2nd Round: This might be kinda wiggly…Get the snakes and mice AND spiders and put them in the correct bin! 

3rd Round: Balance, balance, balance! 5 chances and is hard with the fans blowing you back! Not timed, but don’t fall. 😦 May cause sweating, high pulse, and frustration.

If you win all these, (took me about 5 times) with the highest points, you get the win!

~Maroon Ocean (I found out my main Poptropican’s name is Red Lizard!)

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