Didja miss me?

I missed you guys! That’s why the ever-awesome Super Thunder has decided to come back! *cue applause*


Aww, now, well that won’t work, will it? I SAID GIMME APPLAUSE!

*frightened audience applauses*

Good! Now, well for those of you who don’t know who this stranger that’s writing is, lemme tell you who I am. I’m Super Thunder. Never heard of me before? Shame on you.

Maybe a lil’ pic will refresh your memory.

Yes, that’s me. Anyway, for those of you that care, I’m Isabelle, and I’m thirteen years old. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I’m bored right now.

Hey, Icy Comet, d’you know that audition I was freaking out about today? It went hideous. When they asked me to say the memorized monologue, I said “I wanna be an actress… ‘Cause I act good.”

And that’s that.

~Katniss (Super Thunder)

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1 Comment

  1. I’m so glad you’re back, ST! 😀
    Sorry your audition turned out so bad! 😦


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