Intimidation: Not good

Hey, why are the Creators’ trying to make nonmembers feel… Sad? That is intimidation, Creators! That is bullying, and…
I lost my train of thought.
Oh well, as a member, I can tell you that being a member is not completely worth it at times. The only thing that is slightly appealing about being a member to me, is the early islands. Because, I mean, you can’t wear all the outfits at the store at the same time. So yeah.
Anyway, the Creators here are trying to make you want membership. If they start saying “Everyone that’s cool has membership,” do not feel bad. This is peer pressure.

Hey, maybe I did learn something from Health class! Anyway…


Yeah, yeah, blah de blah… The scuba gear thingy is now in your store items. I don’t see anything particularly newsworthy about this, but… Well, they posted it, and I was in a posty mood.

-Katniss (Super Thunder)

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