Cactus Von Thorny

Sorry, it’s actually Cactus Von Garlic.  Though Cactus Von Thorny would have made more sense cause cactuses (yes, I know that’s not a word) are thorny…

Anyway, Cactus Von Thorny Garlic is a character that you will probably see in Vampire’s Curse Island.

Who is Cactus Von Garlic?

And why does he have that metal band around his neck?

avatar image

Rumor has it that Garlic Von Thorny Cactus is a vampire hunter.  That rumor is probably true, because Garlic Cactus Von Thorny has a garlic on his hat (which vampires are said to hate), a bow and arrow, and the thing around his neck might  be silver (which vampires also hate…or maybe that’s werewolves…).  Obviously, that rumor was started by someone who is much smarter than me and actually takes time to think about these things, because I would never have thought of that.

More news about Vampire’s Curse Island and Garlic Thorny Von Cactus hopefully coming soon!

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