:O I’m So Proud of You Creators… You Said “Soonish”!

High five for talking like me!


Well, like, fine then. See if I ever ask you for a high five again. Anyway, the Creators said “soonish”! Yay!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poptropica in focus

We’re always working on new features for Poptropica. Here’s a sneak peek at one new project we’ve got going on.
What could it be? We’ll have more details for you — oh, let’s call it soonish.
avatar image
I dunno why you have to slanty write “soonish” though. I write it just plain out and don’t give a blink.
You guys wanna know what’s a good sentence to avoid answering a teacher?
“Oh, um, well, I, uh, it’s just, that, like, well, I don’t, I mean, I do, but I still… I mean, like, yeah.”
^ Works like a charm.
Anyway, in this post, it looks like we have… A mechanical owlie. Merlin! And that little mouse that we captured in Astro Knights! It seems like just yesterday that I was riding in a pink rocket to save the princess… Ah, memories.
~Katniss (Super Thunder)


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