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If there is anybody out there who wants to be an author, than just leave a comment, cause I want to add somebody new to the team.

If you do want to become an author, just go to the Become an Author page, read the page (make sure you read it, don’t just skim the page), and leave a comment either there or here.

Also, if you have already left a comment saying that you want to become an author and you still want to be an author, please leave another comment so that I know you are still interested.

This post is going to be sticky for awhile so that as many people as possible will see it. Just wanted to let you know…

Good luck!

Daily Pop Sneak Peeks #9

Hey guys!

I decided that it is time for some more sneak peeks from Daily Pop.  Prepare yourself for mass confusion trying to figure out what island some of these pictures might be for!

By the way, the captions underneath the pictures are what it says next to the pictures on Daily Pop.

Cannon in Front of Them- Into the valley of death rode the six hundred.

Doze Off- Time to clear a path.

Have a Sprite- Could one of these dryads be coming to Poptropica?

See and Say- Baa, moo, cluck.

Root Causes- There's more to this tree than meets the eye.

Rare Bog- But will it be a rattlin' bog?

Rune the Day- These symbols must mean... something.

Under Construction- Building a better future starts here.

Dark Woods- The sun can't make it through foliage this thick.

Beware- The sign kinda says it all.

Throne Room- A toadstool fit for a princess.



The Lorax On Poptropica

The Lorax is on Poptropica. Here’s what the Poptropica Creators said:

Many things to do, many things to see! Inside this adventure is the place to be!

There’s an exciting new MEGA-SIZED adventure on Poptropica! Go to Game Show Island and you will find it on Main Street!


avatar image

Fix The App, Then We’ll Talk

Dude, like, seriously? Kinda late, don’t ya’ think?

xD I sound like such a teenager. Anyway, because the Creators’ have such faith in out extreme Poptropican intelligence, they made a post about their app-as if we didn’t know already.

If I recall correctly, Brave Tomato noticed a mistake in this app. And, the Creators’ doubt our intelligence? How could they? They either

a) Assume they are our all-powerful Creators who are perfect and will never get anything wrong


b) they’re bears

Personally, I think B is correct, I’ve found evidence to support this claim, just like my English teacher said. “Use textual evidence, don’t use helping verbs-”


I advise you to not do this, though, the consequences aren’t that great. Anyway, since I have time to kill, I’m going to write a report on how the Creators may be bears… And I’m totally gonna use helping verbs, ha!

Friday, February 17, 2012

New guides available in the Poptropica app!

The Poptropica Tips & Tricks app just got a little more helpful. With a new update, now you can get walkthroughs for our two newest adventures, S.O.S. Island and Ghost Story Island!
Visit the App Store or Android Marketplace to download the update, then launch the app. The guides for S.O.S. Island and Ghost Story Island will now be in the list of Island guides for in-app purchase. Download the iOS version of the Poptropica Tips & Tricks app from the App Store. Download the Android version of the Poptropica Tips & Tricks app from the Android Market. Enjoy! avatar image
Oh, now it’s for Android, too? I thought you were strictly Apple. Apple, Android, Apple, Android, Applroid, Approid, Asteroid…
Wait, what’s with the asteroids? Am I Astro-Knightish right now?
Nah, maybe I just need to sleep. Anyway, this has been another episode of Fix The App, Then We’ll Talk and I’ll see you next time on-
Wait, this isn’t even a show. Yeah, I really need to sleep.
~Katniss (Super Thunder)

Kidnapping and a Curse

Vampire’s Curse Island now has an info-page!  And, on the page, there is a section where it tells the island’s plot.

Here’s the plot:

In case you can’t read it, this is what it says: For centuries, a truce has existed between the people of a remote mountain village, and the vampire who lives in the castle high above.  Now, that truce is shattered, and Count Bram has captured a young villager.  Can you rescue her from his evil clutches — and avoid being struck by the vampire’s curse?

I wonder what the vampire’s curse actually is.  It sounds sort of scary.

There’s also another Bonus Quest for Members.  Here’s what the page says about the Bonus Quest:

In case you can’t read it, this is what it says: Poptropica Members can play a bonus quest after completing Vampire’s Curse Island.  The vampire is gone, but his curse lives on.  Prepare to discover even more hidden secrets of Bram’s castle — if a dangerous vampire hunter doesn’t get there first!

There is also a Vampire’s Curse Island gear pack for Members.

The items that Members get from the gear pack are Garlic Breath, Bat Gum, and Vampire Count and Countess Costumes.  Note to Members: like it says in the picture, the costumes are only available during Early Access.

Here are some pictures of Vampire’s Curse Island that are on the page:

There are also a two little extras that you can get on the info-page.  They are a desktop wallpaper and a printable poster.

Hopefully there will be more news about Vampire’s Curse Island soon!

The Rescue Mission Begins!

Non-members, today is the day!  That’s right, S.O.S. Island is now out for everyone!

Prepare yourself for excitement, adventure, and (as rumor has it) a plot twist!

So, if you haven’t already begun the adventure, go on over to Poptropica and begin the mission!

2 More Days, Non-Members!

Non-members, like me, would be excited with this post in the Poptropica Creators’ Blog.

The wait is almost over for non-Members. S.O.S. Island will be available to everyone this Thursday, February 16. Members will still get the exclusive S.O.S. gear pack, including a fishing pole and sonar power.

While you’re diving deep into the adventure, we’ll also be sharing a lot more details about Vampire’s Curse Island soon. It’s a great time to be a Poptropican!



I can’t wait! :D

Pop Picture Contest #2

Edit: Congratulations to arw8928 for guessing correctly!  The picture was from Game Show Island.  Go to the Pop Picture Contest page to see the link to arw8928’s blog!

Time for the next Pop Picture Contest!

The basic idea of the contest (for those of you who have already forgotten, even when you knew you shouldn’t) is this: try and guess what island the object in the picture below is from.

Here’s the picture:

If you don’t know about the contest, or if you have forgotten something about the contest, just go to the Pop Picture Contest page.  Everything you need to know about the contest is there.

Good luck!  Think you know what island the object is from?  Just leave a comment!

Sea Captain Costume

Remember the three Members-only items that the Creators released for S.O.S. Island?  Well, one of them, the Sea Captain Costume, is available for only a limited time!

One week left to claim your captain’s costume!

We’ve got good news and bad news. The good news: S.O.S. Island will be open to everyone next Thursday, February 16.

The bad news: The Members-only Sea Captain costume will be gone from the Poptropica Store next Thursday, February 16.

Anyone who gets Membership after next Thursday will still be able to get the Fishing Pole and Sonar Power, but the Sea Captain Costume is only available during the Early Access period for S.O.S. Island!

Don’t delay! Get a Poptropica Membership today to avoid missing out on the Sea Captain costume — and then take your pick of any other outfit in the Poptropica Store, too!

avatar image

So, Members, if you haven’t already gotten the costume, you better get the Sea Captain costume soon!  Otherwise you might just find that the captain will have gotten on its ship and sailed away.

Non-members, prepare yourself for a rescue mission! S.O.S. Island is coming to you next Thursday!

Vampire’s Curse Island

The next island sounds like it is going to be full of fangs, blood, and danger! 😈  (Well, hopefully not blood.)  The Creators have announced that the next island is Vampire’s Curse Island!

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

No reason to keep you in suspense any longer than we have to. The next Poptropica Island will be…

Vampire’s Curse Island! 

Of course, we’ll have all the latest news about Vampire’s Curse Island right here, so keep checking back for more about the story, release date, and more.

In the meantime, you can still visit Poptropica to play our latest, S.O.S. Island, or any of the 23 other Islands that are already available to play!

avatar image

First ghosts, then a shipwreck, and now vampires!  I think the Creators need to cut back on the horror movies…the newest Poptropica islands seem to be getting scarier and scarier!