Pop Picture Contest #4

Edit: Congratulations to arw8928 for guessing correctly!  The picture is a poster from the school building in Shrink Ray Island.  Go to the Pop Picture Contest Page to see where arw8928 is mentioned.  There’s also a link to her blog there.

First, let’s get the boring routine stuff out of the way.  If you don’t already know what the Pop Picture Contest is (really, though, if you still don’t know, then there is definitely a problem with your head), than just go on over to the Pop Picture Contest page.

Now that all of that is out of the way, it is time for another Pop Picture Contest!  You probably already guessed that from the title, so that was sort of pointless to say that…or was it pointless?  Who knows, you might need to be told a thousand times before you realize what’s going on.  Or you could be smart and one of those people who only need to be told once and you understand what is going on immediately.  What a refreshing change that would be.  But, of course, you are probably one of those people who just stumble around, sort of clueless, trying to figure out what on earth is going on.  If that is you, don’t be too offended.  I do that a little, but only just a little.  You can get a little offended, I don’t mind if you are a tiny bit mad at me, just don’t not come back to this blog (no, I really don’t care if that is bad grammar).  Anyway, the picture is below, feel free to go ahead and look at it while I continue my pointless talking.

*throws picture in face, mumbling heard in background*

I'll give you a hint. It's a poster.

*the constant mumbling stops for a moment*

I have stopped my blabbering so that I can say that I hope many of you try and guess what island this picture is from, but that I do hope it will be awhile and many comments before you actually guess right.  I also wanted to say that if I forget to make this post sticky before I publish it, I will scream.  Now, if you will excuse me, I will begin talking to myself and leave this crazy place.

*walks away talking to self*

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  1. i wish i could answer 😦 i already know what it is 😀

  2. Either Shrink Ray or Reality TV


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