Daily Pop Sneak Peeks #10

Time again for a post about the sneak peeks on daily pop which, by the way, takes forever to do, so I hope that you appreciate all of this hard work that I am putting myself through for you.

Anyway, here’s the beginning of at least an hour of taking a picture, saving it, uploading it, copying the caption from the side of the picture on daily pop, typing, adding more pictures and captions, putting the post in a category, adding some tags to the post, and publishing the post.  All this adds up to a post that looks like it took about ten seconds and not much brain power to make.

A Vine Time- Wait a minute, did we use that pun already?

That pun was used on the picture of the statue with the vines on it.  Click here to see the post where it showed that.

All You Can Eat- If only the food were any good.

So an all you can eat thing where the food isn’t any good?  Sounds pretty depressing wonderful.

Field Day- What goes up must come down.

Why is it called “Field Day”?  And what is the thing that went up that needs to come down.  Or maybe there was a building there which they tore down.  And why is there a… *cough*…toilet in the picture?

Buffet, Okay- We take it back. This looks delicious.

So the all you can eat thing where the food was supposed to be bad has suddenly turned into a buffet where the food looks delicious?  …I’m confused.

Wicked Woods- Don't get off the beaten path here.

Are my eyes deceiving me, or do those gold things coming out of that tree look like the fairy from the post a couple days ago?  What would those sweet, innocent things be doing in a wicked wood?  Hopefully they are sweet and innocent.

Uphill Battle- Watch for falling rocks.

How is that an uphill battle?

Leap Day- This won't happen again for four years.

No offense, but what does that picture have to do with leap day?  I mean, it’s a pretty picture and all, but…  Maybe you have to play leap frog to get through the tunnel.

Swap Fever- No, there's nothing in there. Nor anything.

What is swap fever supposed to be?  Maybe if you step in the swamp you get a fever?  No, that doesn’t make sense.

Magic Mushrooms- No good can come from a fungus like that.

So, an evil mushroom that looks weird.  That’s sort of boring.  It’s not even creative.  (Psst, don’t look now, but there are three of those fairies that we can’t figure out if they are good or not in the picture.  They’re right next to that guy who looks really weird and needs to get someone to stick some fashion sense inside his head.)

Line Art- There must be something just out of sight.

An old temple or monument or something like that with a bunch of black lines all around it.  Just your average sketch for something on Poptropica.  Moving on…

In Ruins- The city shall rise again!

So there’s what looks like the ruins of a Greek or Roman city with a huge guy coming out of the ground.  Weird.  If the city is supposed to rise out of the ground, why is that freaky giant Poptropican dude rising up, too?  Or is that supposed to be the spirit of the city?  And is that horrible drawing of a bird that is on top of the building supposed to be a phoenix?

Character Sketch- This character could be a royal pain.

The far right one on the top row is my favorite one.  Which one is your favorite?

Wayback Machine- From 2010, these sketches were created and never used.

Okay, I really need a nap,  cause I’m so tired that for a minute there I thought that those were characters from the island Monster Carnival Island (I think that is what it was called) that the Creators said was coming out, but it never did.  In fact, I was about to do a completely separate post on this blog and a post on Super Thunder’s Blog about how the Creators showed us what the characters of the island that never came out looked like.  Thank goodness I came to my senses.  That would have been really embarrassing to do a post where I thought that cavemen were monsters…

South Pacific- A very early Skullduggery Island image.

For some reason I’m glad that Skullduggery Island didn’t end up looking like that.  It’s not very piratey, if you know what I mean.

Well, that brings another Daily Pop Sneak Peeks session to an end.  Ah yes, another hour wasted flown by full of boring stuff wonderfulness.

Just in case you are wondering, yes, I did almost do a post about how those cavemen people were characters from Monster Carnival Island.  Don’t you dare laugh!  It wouldn’t be that funny if you were in my position.  I mean, think about how it must feel to be me.  Admitting this just so that you could get a little entertainment out of my stupidity.  And no, I am not crazy, I am just exhausted.  I’m sure you’ve made a mistake like that before.  Well…maybe not quite that bad, but still.

Anyway, I will leave you know, hoping that you won’t bust out laughing the minute I am too far away to hear you.  I think I should go take that nap that I desperately need…

Edit: I was about to tell you this, but I forgot, cause I’m so tired.  I just wanted to let you know that the captions underneath the pictures are the captions from Daily Pop.  Just wanted to tell you that so I wouldn’t be sued for plagiarism.  Not that the Creators would sue a sweet, kind, innocent little girl like me.  Or would they?

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