Irish or You-rish?

Bad joke, and sorry for double posting. Anyway…see what costume poster the Black Widow is up to! Finally, a good name.

The luck of the Irish

We’ve got some St. Patrick’s Day-themed goodies for you to enjoy in the Poptropica Store! You can get some lucky shamrock-flavored Popgum, or dress up in a Leprechaun costume and dance a festive jig.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this weekend, so make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. Visit Poptropica now to get your holiday costume and Popgum!

 avatar image
We already know about the items. Anyway, the gum costs 250 credits and the outfit is 75 credits. Ripoff! Besides, St. Patrick’s Day is just…well…one day! ….. Leprechauns…Bluck, shamrock flavored gum. That’s about as good as eating clovers.
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