Alvin Kidnaps You…On a Wooden Boat…Again…

Yes…now it’s about the “Chipwrecked” DVD coming out. Alvin and the gang are having a fire building contest to see who gets the fire the fastest. You choose the team you want to join.



Click on Simon or Jeanette to join the team. Then, the game will show up and you have to click the red and orange circles again and again to rub them against each other to start a fire. The progress bar on the bottom will fill up. After winning three rounds, you get 2 prizes.

Image     Image

If you press “Space” with the smoke signal stick, 3 puffs of smoke will come out, different in colors, maybe.


Oops, I wasn’t fast enough. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go slurp up my lemonade.


Bye! That was good!

P.S. The costume will vary on the team you chose to help.


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