Pop Picture Contest #5

Edit: Congratulations to no,ilikestrawberries for guessing correctly!  The picture is from Ghost Story Island!  Check out the Pop Picture Contest page where her name is!

Time yet again for another Pop Picture Contest!

First, the boring routine of telling you that if you don’t already know what the Pop Picture Contest is, just go to the Pop Picture Contest page.  There’s everything you need to know there.  If there’s something you have a question about, you can leave a comment there, too.

Now that the routine that I wish I didn’t have to do every time is out of the way, here’s the picture:

Just a ripped off piece of a newspaper. Nothing important... Or is it?

So, hopefully you won’t be able to guess this one for awhile.  No offense, or anything, but I like it when you get a headache trying to figure out what island the picture is from.  It means that I’ve done my job good. 😉

If you’ve never done the Pop Picture Contest before, why don’t you go ahead and try?  Who knows, you might actually win!  Sure, the prize isn’t that great, but it’s more about the fun than it is about the prize.

Good luck to anyone who tries to guess what island this is from!  Just don’t think about it too hard.  It might be too obvious if you did that.

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  1. no,ilikestrawberries

     /  March 25, 2012

    ghost story or S.O.S. i think.


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