Get Dizzy With Dizzy Dancers!

Yes, yes, I know; horrible title.  But I couldn’t think of anything else.  And, yes, I know that this is miniscule compared to the fact that Vampire’s Curse Island is finally out for non-members today, but there was already a post saying that.

Anyway, there’s a new ad on Poptropica.  It’s for a new toy called FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers.

So, here’s what to do on the ad: when you enter the building, go to the right until you see a…I don’t know what to call it…Poptropican?  Well, let’s just call it a thing for now.  Anyway, talk to the thing.  It will tell you to play the game to win some prizes.

Yep, definitely a thing.

When you tell the thing “I’m ready!”, you will be brought to a screen where it will tell you how to play the game.  Basically, to play the game, all you have to do is jump in front of pink stars to do tricks that will earn you points.  The goal is to get 500 points before the time runs out.  Believe me, the game is super easy.

When you win the game you get two prizes, the FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers Spin Power and the FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers HuskieBell Follower.

FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers Spin Power

FurReal Friends Dizzy Dancers HuskieBell Follower

To use the Spin Power, first turn it on by pressing the button that says “Use”.  Then just press the SPACEBAR to spin around and around and around and around.

Know you can't tell, but my Poptropican is spinning in this picture.

To use the HuskieBell Follower, just press the button that says “Follow” on the item card.  Here’s what it looks like when it is following your Poptropican:

Yeah...definitely prefer my dragon. What kind of a name is HuskieBell, anyway?

Well, that’s about it.  Have fun…getting dizzy?

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