I don’t “nose” about a nose

Super Thunder: Well, um, it’s April Fool’s Day and I don’t have a joke planned… So I’ll rely on the Creators’ joke to make this post awesome, kay?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who nose what’s new in Poptropica?

We’re excited to announce the most groundbreaking, innovative feature in the history of Poptropica: Noses!
On Monday, we’ll be adding noses to every single character on Poptropica, whether you want one or not. Now, your Poptropican will be better than ever at sniffing out clues, stuffing the competition, and running up the score. Not since the introduction of the Costumizer or the removal of the Monster Carnival map icon have we made an update this momentous.
We hope you’re as excited as we are about this amazing new update. You will always remember April 1st as the day everything changed on Poptropica!
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Do you see that? Noses! Heck no(se)! I don’t “nose” what you’re thinking, Creators, but lemme just say that us Poptropicans are too smart for you. Isn’t it so strange how you guys posted this on April Fool’s Day? And isn’t it strange that it won’t be available until tomorrow… Even though *today* is supposed to make history?
Well, nice try, but we’re simply too smart. THERE’S NO NOSES COMING TO POPTROPICA, I “NOSE”!
Yeah, I’ll stop with the stupid puns, I “nose” they suck.
*no ones head turns*
Fine. Be like that.
~Super Thunder
Edit: This is Icy Comet interrupting ST’s post to tell all those people out there (like myself) who were worrying that the Creators tricked us into thinking that the putting the nose on the Poptropican thing was a joke, when it actually wasn’t, and they were dead serious and we were going to wake up the next morning to find that they had stuck noses on our Poptropicans’ faces, even though we actually thought it was a joke when it wasn’t, when we thought it was cause we thought that they would never actually do that, but it turned out that we were wrong and they actually did that even though they did…didn’t…I’m confused.  Anyway, I would like to tell anyone who worried about what I said up there, that they actually have nothing to worry about.  Because I checked on Poptropica, and our Poptropicans are still blissfully without a sniffer of any sort.  So you can stop your worrying now.  Yep…that’s about all I had to say.  That you can stop worrying now.  So, yeah.

See? No nose.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be horrible if it actually wasn’t a joke, and they were actually going to add noses to your Poptropican! That’s actually a really scary thought…

  2. I knew it was a joke. Noses on Poptropicans are really ugly.

    Hey, wait, maybe it’s a joke to trick us into not thinking it’s a joke?!



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