Showing Off Something That Ain’t That Amazing

Yeah, so somehow Captain Crawfish thinks that beating all the islands is a huge accomplishment, when most people I know have beat all the islands.  Whatever, Captain Crawfish, keep dreaming.

Going for the gold

Playing through an Island on Poptropica gets you many rewards. Besides the satisfaction of a job well done, you’ll also earn a gold medallion that you can wear to show off your accomplishment. But how many of you have been able to pull this off?

Medallions for every Island! Whoa, nelly. That’s worth bragging about. Soon it’ll be easier to show off an achievement like this.

One of the great things about Poptropica Friends is that you’ll be able to see what medallions your friends have earned, and they’ll be able to see the same for you. You’ll even be able to show off how many times you’ve beaten each Island, by using Island Restart.

Poptropica Friends is launching soon. There’s no better time than the present to start adding to your medallion total, before all your friends can see!

avatar image

Um, just a few things.  First, if you look really closely at the picture under the menu that says “What’s New”, you’ll see that the last big thing that the person did was beat Skullduggery.  Finish the island just for the picture, Captain Crawfish?  If that is your account, that is…

And secondly, hold on.  I forgot what secondly was…  Hold the phone, peeps!

…Oh, okay, I remember now.  Doesn’t that Poptropican look a little familiar?  Like the Poptropican from the post that the Creators did telling that their fail of an April Fool’s joke was actually a joke?

And how about the Poptropican in the post about the three powers that you use in Twisted Thicket Island?

That Poptropican, Friendly Bug, has been in both of those posts.  And now this one.  And Captain Crawfish has done all three of those posts.  Is it just me, or does that seems like more than a coincidence?

Now, excuse me while I’m off to find out more clues for the case of Friendly Bug.

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