Rest While We Work

Leave it to the Creators to start complaining about how “hard” their week has been.

Everybody’s working for the weekend

Whew! What a week it was at Poptropica. One day, we launched Poptropica Friends, and the next day, we opened up Twisted Thicket to everyone. Now, the weekend begins, and we plan to rest a bit — but we hope you’ll take the next few days to dive in and take advantage of all the great new stuff Poptropica has to offer!

So get out there — earn photos, make friends, and explore the tangled undergrowth of Twisted Thicket. And keep an eye out for all the other great stuff that’s coming soon to Poptropica, including Poptropolis Games!

avatar image

I can’t believe the Creators expect us to work hard while they just lay around being couch potatoes all day.  I mean, kids work hard, too you know.

Yeah, cause I can’t think of anything else to say, I’m gonna leave you now…  Sorry this post is boring.  The Creators don’t give one much to work with.

P.S. Look in the picture above.  It’s Friendly Bug, on another one of Captain Crawfish’s posts!

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  1. Week = 😥
    Weekend = 😀


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