Too POPular= Overload

Guess that sometimes less actually is more.  Like in this case, where if less people were enthusiastic about Poptropica Friends there would be more available-to-access stuff on Poptropica right now.

So, yeah, your probably going like “what on earth are you talking about, IC?”.  So, I’ll just hand you over to the experts (Me?  Just call the Creators experts?  Keep dreaming, I would never do that.) to explain why Poptropica might not be working as well as you would like.

Friends overload!

Whoa! We hoped that everyone would like Poptropica Friends, but even we didn’t expect it to be this popular. The demand for all the new Friends features has been so great that it’s overloaded our servers! As a result, we’ve temporarily had to turn off some of the features to address the load.

Be assured, we’re working hard behind the scenes to bring everything back up to speed. We’ll post any updates right here.

Thank you for your enthusiasm!

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Hopefully the Creators will get Poptropica back up and running soon, because my life is feeling sort of empty without it right now.   Need…Poptropica…


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