Pop Picture Contest #8

Edit: Congratulations to lazy moon for guessing correctly!  The picture is from Mythology Island!  Check out the Pop Picture Contest page where his name is mentioned!

Hi peeps!

It’s time for another Pop Picture Contest.  Now, if you don’t already know what the Pop Picture Contest is, just go to the Pop Picture Contest page, and there’s everything you need to know there.

Now, here’s the picture:

Here’s your hint: the objects are two axes and a shield. Unfortunately, you don’t get to use them.

Any guesses?

Good luck!

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  1. Mythlology, duh.

  2. no,ilikestrawberries

     /  May 7, 2012


  3. I recently finished Mythlology Island.

  4. Hey! I’m currently hiring authors for my blog, Poptropica Fashion Updates, where I post about fashion tips, how to look like certain people, and other information, such as new island updates, and taking photos for my blog. If your interested, please leave a reply message or if their are other people interested, please reply!

    Oh, and congrats to Lazy Moon!


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