Uh…And We’re Supposed To Want Those Costumes…

I think that the Creators need a little help…  Their new costumes are getting a little bit crazy…

Before I get to that, though, there is another piece of news…the Members-Only Gear Pack for Poptropolis Island is out!

The items that you get are the Wrestling Gear Costume, the Plant-A-Statue Power, and the Discus.

Here’s what the Wrestling Gear Costume looks like:

To use the Plant-A-Statue Power, just go to your items, find the item’s card, and press the button that says “Activate”.

Then, go to where you want to plant the statue, and press the SPACEBAR.  You’ll put a statue down, and it will grow, out of the ground.  A little birdie will fly over to it and sit on it, as well.

You can also choose what color you want the statue to be by pressing the circles on the top of the item card.

To use the Discus, just go to your items, choose what color you want the Discus to be, and then activate it.

First Discus

Second Discus

Your Poptropican will get the Discus.  Just press the SPACEBAR to see the Discus soar around the room (don’t worry, though, it will fly back to your Poptropican’s hand).

Now.  For the bad news.

The Creators recently added a new costume to the Poptropican Store…and it’s not that great.  In fact, it’s pretty terrible.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll just let the picture do all the talking.

Yep.  A baby costume.  Pretty terrible right?

And, according to the post that the Creators did on the costume, you have to spend your credits to buy this costume!  I think this is getting a little crazy…

Just saying.

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