Daily Pop Sneak Peeks #13

Ah, yes, time yet again for another session of daily pop sneak peeks.

Let’s just go ahead and get this over with.

Anyway, the captions that are underneath the pictures are the captions from Daily Pop.  And you probably already knew that, but, whatever.  What do I care what you know?

Just kidding!  I do care…a little bit.  😉

Battle Plan- It’s hard to pin your opponent down on this one.

Sketchy Characters- Trying a few approaches to some upcoming characters.

Wild Fire- Which one burns brightest?

The Final Frontier- Poptropica is about to go boldly where some have gone before.

Far Out- Where it came from, no one knows.

Hyperspeed- We’re going to infinity. But not beyond. That’s impossible.

Lockout- How’s the air up there?

Infirmary- This way to the sick bay.

Ladies and Gentlemen- We are floating in space.


Bot Kickers- A tiny size, but they pack a punch.


Fetch, Rover- The fastest thing on four wheels.


Pase Yourself- Because once this building’s gone, it’s gone.


Honeycomb Engine- Let’s take this one from the top.


Rocket Man- Try to keep from burning out your fuel up here alone.


Spaced- Your turn to meet a real, live astronaut!


In the Dock of the Bay- You light up this rover’s life.


Pit Boss- From here, you are master and commander.


Elevated Lifestyle- Run hard every day to prevent muscle loss.


Pop Rise- Oh, you pale blue dot. You blue marble.


Small Beginnings- This was our very first attempt at designing your Friends Profile Page.


Not What You Own- Merchandise. The Final Frontier.


Eagle is Landing- Set that bird down nice and soft.


Photo Finish- Snapshots of happier times.


Hazards Ahead- Watch out for falling rocks!


Ramping Up- Retire in style at Shady Pines.

Well, that’s it for now.  Now don’t think that I’m crazy when I say this, but I think the next island is about space.  Yep.  I know, can’t believe I just said that.  So weird that those pictures would make me think of space, right?

(That was sarcasm.  Just in case you’re wondering.)

And then the island after the space one is going to be about a retirement home…exciting.  Not.

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