A Forever Black Flag

Hmm, the Creators are posting the districts excuse me, the um, tribes, for the Hunger Games, and… I did it again, didn’t I? I mean Poptropolis Games. Kay? So, the newest tribe, in addition to Seraphim and Flying Squid (what were they thinking when they named a tribe that?), is…

Drumroll please. Yess…

Give it up for…

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Tribes of Poptropica: Black Flags

The next Poptropica tribe is…
Black Flags
This tribe intends to plant the flag of victory in the heart of Poptropolis — and we suspect they’ll stop at nothing to do it!
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Uh, Black Flags. Yes. This makes me think of something pirate-y. I don’t know. Like Skullduggery. But Skullduggery wasn’t exactly the best island I’ve even done. No, it was more like… Possibly Counterfeit, or Cryptids? Yes, out of all the islands, these two are my favorites! Well, what can I say, I’m a strange kiddie.

What tribe is your tribe? Personally, none of them have rung a bell to me, but if I needed to, I suppose I’d go with Seraphim, ’cause it has a cool name. I know I’ve heard the word before, but I’m not quite sure where.

~Super Thunder

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  1. seraphim are like angels. ya somewhat like angels. if you’ve read the mortal instruments series and the infernal devices series then you’d understand it more. so read it cuz it is a good series…haha off topic…


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