The App of the Curse

Okay, horrible title.  Whatever. 😉

The Creators, for some reason that’s beyond me, decided that it was necessary to make a guide that you can download when there are perfectly good places (and I’m not ashamed to say that this is one of them) that you can get good guides much easier and without having to download a bunch of stuff, and yeah.  You can probably tell that I don’t like it.

Vampire’s Curse walkthrough app now available for free!

Good news! Now, when you download the Poptropica Tips and Tricks app for your iOS or Android device, you can get the new Vampire’s Curse Island walkthrough absolutely FREE!

Whether or not you’ve already downloaded the app, you can nab the updated version from the iTunes App Store or the Android Market.

Then, visit the “Island Guides” menu and start your free download of the Vampire’s Curse Island walkthrough!

avatar image

Just one question: why would you need a guide to Vampire’s Curse Island on your mobile device?  It’s impossible to play Poptropica on your mobile device.

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