Yet Another Horrible Name, Courtesy of the Creators

The Creators announced the name of the last tribe (of the four that they have so far told us about).  Though, why they didn’t just do it all at once, I still don’t understand…

Anyway, don’t get too excited.  The name isn’t that amazing.  And, yes, I know that you thought that nothing could get worse than Black Flag or Flying Squid, but this beats those by miles in the category of horrible names.

All I can say: brace yourself.

The Tribes of Poptropolis: Nightcrawlers

Looking for the dirt on the next Poptropica tribe? Then you might be interested to meet…


The Nightcrawlers might look like pushovers, but they’re used to being used as bait. Watch out they don’t hook you!

avatar image

Um, no thanks.  I definitely don’t want my tribe to be worms, and worse things used as fishing bait.  So, sorry, Nightcrawlers, but you’re going to have to look somewhere else if you want someone to be in your tribe.

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