My Opinion on Some of the Pictures: Part Two

Here are some more reactions:

Ah, just like me and my cat. 😐

I have an unusual fascination with the angry eyes for some reason. Maybe cause I don’t see them on my character often?

Ah, diving. That’s one of my best sports in the Poptropolis Games.

What’s with my mouth??

Did you know at one point, Binary Bard had lips in this picture. Due to my character’s laughter, I thought it was intentional. Guess not.

This is the only pic I liked from the Vampire’s Curse collection (besides the one with me standing aside from the picture of Bram and Annabelle). The other two look a little odd.

The Black Widow is one of my favorite villains. She’s just darn cool. Also impressive how she’s able to live a double life as a cop, as well.

If you look at this upside down, you’ll notice that there are the angry eyes again. A nice, simple pic.

That painful reminder that we’re the ones responsible for Balloon Boy’s journey through the skies.

That’s it. But I have a question….

Even after I finished Counterfiet Island, I only have those three pictures. Can anyone tell me when I was supposed to get the fourth one? Thanks. BT out!

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  1. no,ilikestrawberries

     /  May 26, 2012

    er…. um…. i don’t even THINK there’s a fourth pic.

    • no,ilikestrawberries

       /  May 26, 2012

      nvm, its when you shake the curators hand i think…

      • ★Brave Tomato★

         /  May 27, 2012

        Great, thanks! I’ll try talking to the curator again.

  2. I love the picture with the cat! 😀

  3. Um…BT, Black Widow doesn`t have a double life as a cop. It`s her disguise.

  4. my cat also bites my sometimes too BT 😀

  5. shinykid

     /  November 25, 2012

    The 4th is when you get hired


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