Lookin’ Cheesy

I just noticed that in Poptropolis Games, we get the cutest picture ever for doing the waterfall jump diving thingy. Sure, the picture is a little cheesy, but I just look so dang cute in it! And so do Brave Tomato and Icy Comet. Yes, I know it’s weird-stalkerish to go to each of their profiles and take a picture, but what? I’m not a stalker! *blushes awkwardly*

Brave Tomato:

Doesn’t her ponytail randomly flying out behind her, in her Black Flags uniform look epic?

Super Thunder (me):

Yes, I know, I still had my jacket and belt. I look fine though, I think my hair goes with my Pathfinders outfit. It’s one of those colors that doesn’t clash; it sort of goes together, even though they’re sort of opposite. Like pink goes good with green?

Icy Comet (who happens to be the same Icy Comet as the one in the header):

See, I’m not the only one who randomly mixed street clothes with tribe clothes! I know Icy Comet is a Seraphim because of her shirt, and because she practically mentioned it in every post. But notice that me and Brave Tomato are keeping our hair and clothes simple; to give us room to move in the Games. And here Icy Comet is looking completely fancy and pretty! I wish I knew how to dress pretty, and not get messy while playing in the mud. D:

So, to make this post not completely useless, there is news about the newest island, Wimpy Boardwalk. Beware, guys! The Cheese has returned!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Get a grip

Some of the boardwalk games on Wimpy Boardwalk have spectacular prizes that you’ll be thrilled to win — but maybe not this claw game. What is that?
avatar image


~Christine (Super Thunder)

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