Daily Pop Sneak Peeks #14

It’s been over a month since I’ve done a post about sneak peeks from Daily Pop.  Any particular reason for that?  Yep, there’s one amazing reason for me not posting about the sneak peeks for such a long time.  I forgot about it.  😉

Anyway, here are the sneak peeks!

Transmission- But what does it mean?


Precious Memories- And memories may be all that are left.


Decode- This isn’t just a random pattern.


Arcade Action- Are you a bad enough dude to file an amicus brief?


Mission Control- We’ve got a problem in every sense of the word.


Rings Around the World- See if you can toss off a victory.


Splish Splash- Gunning for a win on a hot summer’s day.


Sands of Time- Who knows what treasures might be hiding under the scorching sands?


Batter Up!- Dazzle him with the off-speed stuff.


Play and Win- You can take your prize and stuff it.


Under the Boardwalk- Also on and around the boardwalk.


Slide Rule- Everybody loves the twisty slide.


Board Meeting- Planking, the hot new trend this summer.


Blinded By the Light- Tag, you’re it.


Full Blast- Better strap in for the laser show.


What Lies Beneath- Some soda cans, it looks like.


Doctor Claw- Nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t fix.


Spilled Milk- Don’t cry over it.


Loose Booth- None of this stuff looks in very good shape.


The Pits- This fun house is raw power.


Photo Op- There’s no better way to remember your trip to the beach.


Metal Man- There’s gold in them there dunes.


Crate Box- There’s gold in them there chests.


Trash Day- There’s gold in them there garbage cans.


Crabby- Anybody would be a little grumpy with 4,000 volts through it.


Eye See You- Only a thunder volt could stop this guy.


Pain in the Bot- Only a nanobot could get in the groove in the here.


The Buzz- Let’s have no honey business.


Dreams Take Wing- Send me an angel.


Pathfound- The end of a long and winding road.


Well, that’s all of the sneak peeks for now.  Hopefully we’ll get more sneak peeks soon, and we’ll find out what some of these sneak peeks are for.  😀


P.S. Ever notice how when you say my Poptropican’s initials (IC), it sounds like my Poptropican’s first name (Icy)?  Just sayin’.



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