Time Tangled Island Video Guides Parts 1 and 2

Hi peeps!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve added two guides to the Video Guides page.  These two videos are the first two videos for Time Tangled Island.  I still need to make a few more videos (at least) to complete Time Tangled Island, but these are good for starters.

So, click HERE to see the videos.  You can also go to the Video Guides page to see even more cool video/slideshow guides!

More videos comin’ soon!


The Wild West Legendary Swords

Once upon a time . . .

Somewhere in Poptropica there was A LEGENDARY SWORD ! And they found the sword somewhere in the Wild West .


JKJK 😛 Ok , so today or I mean yesterday . . Master Mime posted what’s he’s favorite island 😀

Creators’ favorite Islands: Master Mime’s picks

We’re sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Master Mime.

I really get a kick out of Wild West Island. This island has a lot of fun elements like riding a horse on top of buildings, shooting at targets with a pea shooter, herding lost cattle with a lasso. I’ve had many compliments from the residents about how tough I look with an old dusty cow poke hat, some strawberry chewing gum in my lip, and a rattle snake rope by my side.

For a mini island experience, nothing beats the adrenaline rush of swinging those Legendary Swords at those wacky E-Vile robots.

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Oh and something I forgot to tell IC . Im going back to school on August 9 so I might not post a lot , I’ll try to . So yeahhh . . .

Creators’ Favorite Islands #’s 4 and 5

So, if you don’t know about how the Creators are doing a series of posts about what their favorite islands are by now…well, let’s just say you need to get with the program.

So far we have Captain Crawfish with Red Dragon Island, Director D. with Cryptids Island and Legendary Swords, and Dr. Hare with Skullduggery Island.  I’m just waiting for someone to say Ghost Story Island…and, unfortunately, that beautiful day won’t be today.

First off, Comic Kid’s pick.  Or should I say picks.

Creators’ favorite Islands: Comic Kid’s picks

We’re sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Comic Kid.

I really loved the spooky yet fun feel to this island. I love Eastern Europe so designing the village and parts of the castle was quite a treat for me and I had fun all the while. Plus, who doesn’t want to be a bat and fly around? Talk about awesome!

Another genre I appreciate a lot is that of the cowboy and the Wild West. The building designs for this island were really fun to create and see developed. I really liked the sunset setting for Dusty Gulch, the island’s Main Street. In fact, I love all the towns for this island!

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I don’t know…I liked Wild West Island okay but it wasn’t my favorite.  And Vampire’s Curse just seemed a little short to me.   But that might be just me.

Next up, Shark Boy’s breaking the record of how many things are your favorites with three things.  Guess he had a hard time choosing.

Creators’ favorite Islands: Shark Boy’s picks

We’re sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Shark Boy.

I love mythology and really enjoyed seeing many mythological characters come to life with a fun Poptropica twist.

This was the first Island I helped write the story for, and where Shark Boy was born.

Although not a full island, this mini-quest is a personal favorite. I was able to write the story for this one, and even though it was a short quest, we were able to pack in a bunch of fun and interesting interactive elements.

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So, Mythology Island.  I liked it.  But I wouldn’t include it in my list of favorites.  Shark Tooth Island’s okay.  I can see why Shark Boy would like it, though.  I mean, ya have to love the island that your little avatar/character thing is from.  And the Haunted House quest thing.  I don’t know, I haven’t played that in a long time.  So I don’t know what I think about that one.

Well, now that I’ve bored you to death with my boring opinions on everything, I think I’ll just leave you to be…bored?…

Creators’ Favorite Islands #3

You probably know about how the Creators are doing a series of posts about what islands are their favorites.  So far we’ve had Captain Crawfish with Red Dragon Island and Dr. D. with Cryptids Island.

The Creator who is revealing his favorite island today is another whose name begins with “Dr.”.  But this guy is a little bit furrier than Dr. D.

Think you know who it is?

Creators’ favorite Islands: Dr. Hare’s pick

We’re sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Dr. Hare.

Skullduggery Island is one of my personal favorites. I love the variety of gameplay on this Island. From classic questing to battling and trading on the high seas, this Island really has it all! That Crawfish fellow gave me some trouble though. If only I had my rabbot…

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Well, that about wraps it up for right now.  Who do you think the next Creator to tell what their favorite island is going to be?  And what island do you think they will choose?


Creators’ Favorite Islands #2

So, as you probably know, the Creators are doing a series of posts, telling us what their favorite islands are.  The first one was with Captain Crawfish’s pick.  You would think that he would have picked Skullduggery Island.  After all, he’s one of the main characters in that.  But, instead he chose Red Dragon Island.  Weird, huh?

Well, yesterday, they did another post in this random and boring series of posts.  This time with Director D.’s pick.

Creators’ favorite Islands: Director D.’s picks

We’re sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Director D.

It’s so much fun to see an island dedicated to some of the greatest urban legends of all time! The scariest part for me was the Jersey Devil.

I love sword fighting games! This adventure doesn’t disappoint. You get to battle an evil robot invasion, upgrade your swords, build up an inventory of energy crystals, and battle a huge robot before it reaches Poptropica!

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Legendary Swords doesn’t really count as an island…  But, still, I thought they were only allowed to choose one thing.

Creators’ Favorite Islands

For some crazy reason, the Creators thought that we would be interested in which islands are their favorites.  As if we cared.  😉

They’ve started with Captain Crawfish.

Creators’ favorite Islands: Captain Crawfish’s pick

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing the Poptropica creators’ picks for their favorite Islands. Today: Captain Crawfish.

My favorite is Red Dragon Island. I love the art for old Japan, and I especially like all the cool ninja powers you learn to use near the end. You wouldn’t expect an old sea salt with a peg leg could master the grappling hook, but I did it!

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Just one thing I don’t understand…

Why would they start this at the end of the week?  That just doesn’t make sense to me…

One Word: Gravity

…What can I say?  The title describes it all.

Gravity malfunction!

I guess traveling into outer space is one way to lose weight…

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…Yep…Can’t think of anything to say…

…Oh, well.

We No Longer Have To Wait !

Wimpy Boardwalk is available to all of us !

Wimpy Boardwalk is now available for everyone!

The wait is over. Wimpy Boardwalk is now available to everyone. Visit Poptropica now to play Wimpy Boardwalk!

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If you need me , I’ll be playing Wimpy Boardwalk 😛

Is This A Glitch or Not ?

So, you know how the photo album in Poptropica?

Well, for non-member you can only get one photo for each island. And for members they get to have all the photos.

Recently, I’ve been getting all the the photos 😀

And it’s always staying there 😀

Here’s proof:

It’s very cool that I get to have all the photos 😀


Almost Here and Almost Gone

Tomorrow is July 18th.  Do you know what that means?

No, it’s not my birthday.

No, it’s not your birthday.

Might as well tell you…

…Tomorrow is the day that Wimpy Boardwalk comes out for non-members!

But, with the arrival of Wimpy Boardwalk comes the departure of something else.

Life’s a beach

It’s a bittersweet occasion when an Island becomes available to everyone. Sweet, because — well, obviously because everyone can play! Bitter, because it means that some of the Members-only items for that Island are gone for good. That’s the case with the exclusive “Beachgoer” costume on Wimpy Boardwalk. Time is running out to get it!

Poptropica Members can get their Beachgoer costume for the next few days. Better act fast, because once it’s gone, it’s gone! (The Beach Umbrella and Heat Wave power will remain in the store.)

Wimpy Boardwalk will be available to everyone this Thursday, July 18. Watch this blog for the official announcement!

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Cry your hearts out, Creators.  I don’t think that anybody’s going to buy membership just for that costume.

What’s that you say?  That membership pays Poptropica’s bills?  And without it you would have to shut Poptropica down and go out of business?