Mystery Character and an Out-for-Members Island

There are two posts from the Creators blog which I’m late posting about.  Sorry I didn’t post them sooner.  At least I’m not afraid to say that I’m late posting them.  …Not sure how that would help, but whatever.

So the first post is about a mystery character who we may be seeing in an up-and-coming island.

He took it all too far

Who is Zaggy Moondust? And what’s he got to do with Poptropica? Perhaps one day we will find out.

avatar image

The second post is about guess what?  Yep, Wimpy Boardwalk.

Wimpy Boardwalk is now available to Poptropica Members!

Wimpy Boardwalk is now available for Poptropica Members to play! Visit Poptropica now to play Wimpy Boardwalk.

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Well, don’t feel too bad, non-members.  Cause Wimpy Boardwalk comes out to everyone in exactly two weeks!  Mark your calenders for July 18th!


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  1. ★Brave Tomato★

     /  July 8, 2012

    A Ziggy Stardust reference?? You know, Creators, some kids don’t know who the heck Ziggy Stardust is! (I had no clue who he was either until I looked at a thing in a magazine. And I still don’t know the minor details!)


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