Free…After You’ve Already Bought It…

So, you may or may not remember how the Creators made an app for Android devices and iOS devices called Poptropica Official Tips & Tricks.

Well, I honestly wasn’t really paying attention to the posts about this, cause I’m perfectly good with just using Google to find free guides online if I need a guide.  But, I’m pretty sure that most of the guides were 99 cents and there were a few free guides.

Well, if you love Poptropica, and you’ve gotten that app and bought the guides.  Brace yourself.  You’re about to be shocked.  Just remember to stay calm, it’s not the end of the world, and don’t throw your computer out the window.

Okay, here it is, the Creators added a guide for Twisted Thicket Island, which, by the way, is free.  And no, that’s not the shock.  You have to wait until after the picture to read what the shocker is.

Okay, so remember, the shock is for those of you who have bought the guides.  All of the other guides (the ones that you bought for 99 cents each), they have become free.

I know, the Creators tell you to spend a bunch of money for guides then, after you spend all of that dough, they make it free.  How mean is that.  And to make it even meaner they didn’t mention anything about returning your money.

I know you’re probably mad, but just remember that everyone makes mistakes.  Even perfect people like me (just kidding). 😉

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  1. Musicat

     /  July 15, 2012

    I don’t know that they were the ones selling the apps, i think it was the app shop. The creators just put them there, i think. 😦 . So i guess the creators don’t know anything about it or they were the ones cheating on needy poptropicans. I dunno.


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