Evil Rabbits, Blue Planets, and Super Villains

You could only have a combination like that in Poptropica.  😉

There are three new posts on the Creators’ Blog.  Two of which I’m a little late posting.  Sorry!

The first of those posts is about a certain Poptropican-in a bunny suit-who also happens to be a villain-guy.

A hare-y situation

Four of Poptropica’s most dangerous villains will be returning in Super Villain Island, but you can play the Islands that made them famous right this second!

Want to find out how a mad scientist in a pink bunny suit held Poptropica in the fuzzy clutches of fear? All you need to do is visit Poptropica and play 24 Carrot Island.

This was one of our earliest Islands, and still one of the best. And, like most everything on Poptropica, it’s free to play!

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The second post from the Creators’ Blog is about this beautiful, blue, ball of a planet that we call home.

First impressions of earth

On the newest Poptropica Island, Lunar Colony, you can see this image of Poptropica when you’re on the surface of the moon.

Pretty cool, huh? Did you know it’s a reference to a real photograph that was taken of earth?

This photograph, “Earthrise,” was taken by the crew of the Apollo 8 mission. They were making the first-ever orbit of the moon, and when they came back around from the dark side, that was what they saw.

That’s not the only famous picture of earth. Take a look at this one.

This is called the “Blue Marble,” and it was taken by the crew of the Apollo 17, on their way to what has turned out to be the final moon landing. You can see how it got the name.

Want to go even further out into space? How about an image that was taken by the unmanned Voyager space probe as it was passing the planet Saturn?

This picture is called “Pale Blue Dot.” Can you see our planet? It’s the tiny speck in the rightmost beam of light, a little bit less than halfway up the image. That’s what the earth looks like from a distance of 6 billion miles away!

To explore more mysteries of the cosmos, visit Poptropica and play Lunar Colony today!

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And, finally, the last post is about a certain island that everyone is waiting for.

Chillin’ like a super villain

You wanted more information about Super Villain Island? You got it! Our Super Villain Island info page is now available. It’s your first look at some of the secrets that await you on the next Poptropica Island.

Also, on that page you can download a free desktop wallpaper and printable poster. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

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I haven’t seen the info-page yet, so I’m really excited.  Hang on while I check it out.

*goes to info-page*

Oh. My. God.  I don’t know if I’m going to be able to survive this island, peeps.

Let’s start with the pictures, cause that’s what’s at the top of the info-page.

So, the pictures look pretty cool.  I’m guessing that the… WOAH!  Wait just one minute!  Why is BETTY JETTY in the first picture?  Is SHE going to be in this island?!?!?!  Okay, that brings the villain count up to (possibly) five.  This is getting worse and worse…  I don’t think I’m going to survive this island.  Wait, I said that in this post already.  Oh well, it’s true.

Okay, so now we’ve done the pictures.  Let’s move on to the next thing…the description.  Prepare yourselves, cause that’s mainly why I think I should start panicking about this island.

Here’s what the picture says: Deep inside a top-secret prison, four of Poptropica’s most infamous villains float in suspended animation.  Your mission: to infiltrate their minds and extract the sources of their evil.  Can you withstand a journey to the heart of darkness, or will their twisted dreams trap you forever?

Okay.  I need to stay calm.  I thought that in this island these guys would come back, team up, and try to get revenge for you spoiling their plans.  You’d beat them up yet again and that would be that.  But, no.  We have to go inside their minds, try to extract evil from it (whatever that’s supposed to mean), and possibly be destroyed by them…or their dreams.  Not quite sure which one is worse…  Yep.  I am officially going to fail at this island.  I’m so scared I’m thinking of crying right now.

Okay, and if that’s not enough, check out the description of the Members-only Bonus Quest.

Here’s what the picture says: The world may be safe, but another villain stirs in his slumber.  Do you dare enter the dream machine once more, and visit a nightmarish version of one of the most popular Poptropica islands?

Okay, so that guy in the picture looks like a weird, messed-up version of your Poptropican in Lunar Colony.  I hope that doesn’t mean that we have to go into a crazy version of Lunar Colony.  Please, no!  Aliens are weird enough for me, I don’t think I could stand more weirdness!

Like every one of the more recent islands, this island that I’m definitely afraid of has Members only items.

So, the Members only items are a Night Hare costume, Sleeping Powder power, and Evil Henchmen item.  The Night Hare looks like a light-blue version of Dr. Hare’s bunny-suit.  I’m guessing you can use the Sleeping Powder to put other Poptropicans around you to sleep.  And the Evil Henchmen item looks like you can choose a follower from four things that represent each of the four super villains.  A spider for Black Widow, a robot mouse for Binary Bard, a rabbit for Dr. Hare, and a crab for Captain Crawfish.

The only other things on the info-page are a wallpaper and poster that are Super Villain Island-themed that you can download.  They look pretty cool, so check them out.

Well, I am scared to death of this island.  I hope it’s not just me…  That would be embarrassing…  Hopefully they release this island soon, so I can go ahead and get it over with.

Time Tangled Island Video Guide Part 3

Hi guys!

I just uploaded the 3 part to my video/slideshow guide on Time Tangled Island!  Here it is:

You can see the earlier parts to this guide on the Time Tangled Island Video Guides page.  Also, you can check out more video/slideshows on the Video Guides page!


“Vile, Devious, and Good-Looking Fiends”

Vile, devious, and good-looking… Captain Crawfish needs therapy…

The newest island has been announced!  And it seems like this one is going to be a pretty tough one to beat.  Cause how do you beat four (in the words of CC) vile, devious, and good-looking fiends…ALL AT ONCE!

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

Four of Poptropica’s most vile, devious, and good-looking fiends will be returning in Super Villain Island.

What sort of evil schemes are they dreaming of? We’ll have a lot more information about Super Villain Island soon!

In the meantime, Poptropica’s newest Island, Lunar Colony, is available for Members to play! This is one of our favorites, and we hope you call enjoy it as much as we do. If you’re not a Member, you can still play a limited demo. Either way, visit Poptropica now to play!

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I have a feeling I’m going to fail this island.  I mean, these guys were hard enough to beat by themselves.  And now that they (possibly) have some weird guy who has the power to erase islands on their side, well, let’s just say that this is sounding worse and worse.

Yep, I’m definitely going to need some help with this island.

Daily Pop Sneak Peeks #15

It’s been over two months since I last did a Daily Pop Sneak Peeks post.  Sorry about that, you guys!  I really need to get more regular about this.

So anyway, you’ve probably seen some of these sneak peeks before, and, for some of them, the island has already come out that they were for.  But, you’re going to see them anyway.

So, the pictures are below, and, underneath the pictures, there are the descriptions from Daily Pop.

Fireside Chat- This room is going down in flames.

Book Nook- Who told you that reading is for wimps?

No No Nano- Don’t be a pain in the bot.

Night Watch- It’s no small decision to take the black.

Beat Happening- Let’s add a little slapback delay.

Finders Keepers- Welcome to a jewel of a common room.

Fire Works- Have a spectacular Fourth of July.

Perchance to Dream- Settle in for a nice, long nap.

Precious Memories- A memento of a happier time.

Starstruck- This guy is a big deal, but he might be over your head.

Skeletal- Sometimes a quick pencil sketch can show the bones of an idea.

Combo Breaker- It’s robot madness!

Door of Perception- Open this door, and perhaps open your mind.

Squirrely- We don’t imagine there’s a moose anywhere around here.

Fruity- The juice is loose!

Swing Set- Rock yourself to sleep against the waves.

The Cube-Est- Sometimes it takes a visionary to shake things up.

Lillies- There’s no need to moan, eh?

Drill Down- You can really build up an appetite out here.

Complete Control- The brains of the operation.

Free and Clear- Well, not exactly free.

Starry Night- Art imitates art.

Off the Grid- Making a mini-game schematic.

Ramshackle- Life among the underclass.

Oh, Fudge- Who is this great big greedy nincompoop?

Dig Safe- Time to get down and dirty.

Kingdom Come- There is a castle in the clouds.

Cliff Notes- Watch your step.

Art Attack- No one respects true art anymore.

The Big Sleep- A pirate just can’t get any rest around here.

Underground- As above, so below.

Cannonball- Time to make a real splash.

Nuts to That- Maybe you can help someone come out of their shell.

Flash- ‘Twas a dark and stormy night.

Out There- Chaos reigns.

Time to Punch In- This place will set factory records.

Mail Call- We can fix these letters in post production.

Time Stamp- For all we know, it could be time to get ill.

Divine Invention- When this machine drops gum, its gum drops hard.

Pay No Mind- It’s free to drop in.

Litterbugs- Who’d trash a nice sidewalk like this?

Breaking News- Much more on this story as it develops.

Well, that’s it for now.  Some of these look pretty cool!  I can’t wait to see what new islands are coming out!

The Return of the Evil Jester

Poptropica is about to fall to pieces.

First, we’re told that three of Poptropica’s worst villains are going to return.

Then, we get shown a picture of some weirdo trying to erase a part of Skullduggery Island.

And, now, another one of Poptropica’s worst villains gets added to the list of all those who are returning.

Another piece of the puzzle

Did you think we would just go away quietly? In your dreams! We have big things planned, my friends. Big things.


avatar image

Don’t know what’s about to happen, but it sure doesn’t look good.


The Race to Erase: Looks like someone is attempting to rub out Poptropica as we know it. But you’re not going to let that happen, are you? ~ Captain Crawfish

Some kind of… creepy… eraser-man who’s erasing Dragon Cove in Skullduggery Island…

*gets on Phoenix Warbird*

Navigator: Where have you been all this time?!

Let’s just go to Dragon Cove. I want to see something.

*Rides ship to Dragon Cove*

*Brave Tomato runs out of the ship and looks around. Everything is still in tact.*

Must be some sort of future event… I hope this guy isnt the one responsible for those returning villains.. wait, I’m on Skullduggery, and this is where CC is!

Who the heck is this guy, and why the heck does he want to erase Poptropica? Wait, did I say erase? Like Poptropica’s some sort of canvas… wait-a-minute! The Starry Night and Water Lillies Daily Pop! The fact that the Black Widow covered those paintings! Argh! I’m really confused! And he has hands and shoes!!! O.o

The Captain Comes Back

You guys probably know about how the Creators are releasing posts about returning villains.  Well, they’ve done a post about another returning villain.  This one is the one that you thought you got rid of forever when you abandoned him on an island in the middle of the ocean.  But, like bad guys have the annoying habit of doing, he decided to come back and get revenge for spoiling his plans.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

A pirate can’t just sit around blogging all day, you know.

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Well, I don’t know you guys…I had enough trouble beating him the first time, I’m not sure if I can do it again.  Guess we’ll just have to see.

Lunar Colony Guide

Note: This post is sticky.  Scroll down to see more posts.

Hi peeps!

Just wanted to let you know that I just put up a guide for Lunar Colony!  Click HERE to see it!  Special thanks to Samwow5, who let me use part of the guide that he wrote for Lunar Colony for the section on the Bonus Quest.

Make sure you check it out!  Also, make sure you take a look at the Guides page or the Video Guides page for even more awesome guides!


Pop Picture Contest #12

Edit: Congratulations to Samwow5 for guessing correctly!  The picture is from 24 Carrot Island!  Check out the Pop Picture Contest name to see his name listed with some of the more recent winners.  Also there’s a link to his blog there, so make sure that you check that out!

Hi peeps!

I realized that it has been awhile since I last did a Pop Picture Contest, so, I decided to not keep you waiting any longer.  If you don’t know what the Pop Picture Contest is, then just go to the Pop Picture Contest page, and everything that you need to know is there.  And you can always leave a comment if you have any questions.

So, here is the picture!

Hint: It’s a sign. (No surprise there.) It came off of an old building.

I don’t know what it is about me and signs, but it seems like most of the things I choose for this contest are signs.  It’s really weird.  Maybe it’s cause there are so many signs in Poptropica.

Anyway, good luck guessing! 😀

Best of the Best

So you peeps probably know that Lunar Colony’s been out for a couple days.  And that means that yet again somebody has beaten me to the list of the first ten finishers.

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Lunar Colony!

Poptropica Members are unlocking the secrets of the cosmos in Lunar Colony. These 10 Poptropicans were the first to do it.

1. Gentle Starfish
2. Scary Star
3. Blue Scorpion
4. Scary Typhoon
5. Shaky Typhoon
6. Magic Fish


7. Friendly Cheetah
8. Silver Ninja
9. Shoeless Eagle
10. Zippy Dragon 

Congratulations to you all!




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Okay, you guys.  I don’t know when, but someday I will be on this list.  I will.  I will someday be one of the first people to finish an island.  Just saying.

Anyway, congratulations to everybody who managed to get on this list!