Poptropica Version of the Olympics

So, I love (that’s capital letters L-O-V-E) the Olympics.  My two favorite things are the gymnastics and swimming.

So, yeah, I’ve spent most of my time watching the Olympics since they started.  And I’m not the only one who is loving these competitions.  The Creators are super excited about the Olympics.  The Poptropica version of the Olympics, that is.

Stars of track and field, you are beautiful people

If you’ve got summer games fever, you’re not alone. Everyone’s excited to see the world’s greatest athletes coming together to go for the gold in some of the toughest sporting events ever devised.

I’m talking about Poptropolis Games, of course, the Poptropica Island that lets you compete for glory in a variety of track and field events. Why settle for watching other people run, jump, and throw, when you can visit Poptropica right now and be a champion in your own right? Poptropolis Games is free for everyone to play!

avatar image

GO USA!!!! 😀

And of course, since the Creators mentioned Poptropolis Games, I have to show my support for that as well.

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  1. Just saying, the image is by…FRIENDLY BUG!


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