I…I Thought I… Got Her in Jail…

Look at THIS Daily Pop:

Art Attack: No one respects true art, anymore.

Somethings not right… I had her… in jail..

That hairstyle…

Black, white, and red…

My goodness gracidelias…

Is this the work of the Black Widow, the cunning art theif of Counterfiet Island and the first main female villain of Poptropica (not counting Copy Cat or Betty Jetty)?!

If she can’t have the Scream, then nobody can enjoy the art of others… I mean, she went from art theif to art vandalizer! But then again, she was a possible contestant on Reality TV Island… I don’t know what the heck it is! This has Black Widow drawn all over it! Literally! … Although she’s one of my favorite villains, I am a little concerned.

Auugh! What the heck is this??

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