The Beginnings of an Island and the (Almost) Release of an Island

Hi peeps!

So, the Creators have done two more posts.  And I know I’m posting these really late, but I’ve been super busy recently.

Anyway, the first post shows what the first stages of creating an island looks like.  The second post talks about the island that we’re all waiting for.

How an island is born

We’re in the earliest stages of a planning a new Island — one that is still months away from becoming reality. All we’ve got so far is an idea, and the pile of sketches you see above. Hard to believe, but one day this simple black and white schematic will become a full-blown Poptropica Island!

*sniff* They grow up so fast…

avatar image

Amazing how islands can start from a few pieces of folded-up paper.

Lunar Colony is coming next Thursday!

The wait is almost over. Lunar Colony will be available next Thursday, August 16, for Poptropica Members.

Visit the Poptropica homepage to follow along with the second-by-second countdown until liftoff!

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Like Captain Crawfish said, Lunar Colony will be available for members on August 16 (this Thursday).  It will be available for non-members on September 9

~Good luck waiting!  IC

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