Daily Pop Sneak Peeks #15

It’s been over two months since I last did a Daily Pop Sneak Peeks post.  Sorry about that, you guys!  I really need to get more regular about this.

So anyway, you’ve probably seen some of these sneak peeks before, and, for some of them, the island has already come out that they were for.  But, you’re going to see them anyway.

So, the pictures are below, and, underneath the pictures, there are the descriptions from Daily Pop.

Fireside Chat- This room is going down in flames.

Book Nook- Who told you that reading is for wimps?

No No Nano- Don’t be a pain in the bot.

Night Watch- It’s no small decision to take the black.

Beat Happening- Let’s add a little slapback delay.

Finders Keepers- Welcome to a jewel of a common room.

Fire Works- Have a spectacular Fourth of July.

Perchance to Dream- Settle in for a nice, long nap.

Precious Memories- A memento of a happier time.

Starstruck- This guy is a big deal, but he might be over your head.

Skeletal- Sometimes a quick pencil sketch can show the bones of an idea.

Combo Breaker- It’s robot madness!

Door of Perception- Open this door, and perhaps open your mind.

Squirrely- We don’t imagine there’s a moose anywhere around here.

Fruity- The juice is loose!

Swing Set- Rock yourself to sleep against the waves.

The Cube-Est- Sometimes it takes a visionary to shake things up.

Lillies- There’s no need to moan, eh?

Drill Down- You can really build up an appetite out here.

Complete Control- The brains of the operation.

Free and Clear- Well, not exactly free.

Starry Night- Art imitates art.

Off the Grid- Making a mini-game schematic.

Ramshackle- Life among the underclass.

Oh, Fudge- Who is this great big greedy nincompoop?

Dig Safe- Time to get down and dirty.

Kingdom Come- There is a castle in the clouds.

Cliff Notes- Watch your step.

Art Attack- No one respects true art anymore.

The Big Sleep- A pirate just can’t get any rest around here.

Underground- As above, so below.

Cannonball- Time to make a real splash.

Nuts to That- Maybe you can help someone come out of their shell.

Flash- ‘Twas a dark and stormy night.

Out There- Chaos reigns.

Time to Punch In- This place will set factory records.

Mail Call- We can fix these letters in post production.

Time Stamp- For all we know, it could be time to get ill.

Divine Invention- When this machine drops gum, its gum drops hard.

Pay No Mind- It’s free to drop in.

Litterbugs- Who’d trash a nice sidewalk like this?

Breaking News- Much more on this story as it develops.

Well, that’s it for now.  Some of these look pretty cool!  I can’t wait to see what new islands are coming out!

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  1. Good post.


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