Poptropica Villain Profiles- Super Villain Island Special

Yeah, sure, we know them by name. And what they are. But, I’m in the mood to make 4 profiles for each of the four villains… and stuff.

On with it!

File #1: Dr. Hare

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Description/Opinion: Dr. Harvey Hare was the very first real foe to step into Poptropica, making his debut in the classic island 24 Carrot Island. However, out of the four, he was the easiest to defeat: you just crash his rabbot into asteroids. Ever since then, we haven’t seen him, unless you end up in a season of Reality TV Island with him. There was an attempted sequel before to 24 Carrot Island: Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab, but we never actually saw him… what a let-down. In his dream, Dr. Hare is kidnapped by ants (yes, ANTS), and taken under the ground, so you have to rescue him. His totem is a golden carrot.

Creators’ Description:

Random Photo…

Director D. is not impressed.

File #2: Black Widow

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Description/Opinion: The Black Widow is the first female leading villain in an island (and I’m not thinking about you, Copy Cat and Betty Jetty), and one of my personal favorites. She’s also the most realistic villain out of the four, for art theives can exist in real life as we know. Her origin island is one of my favorites: Counterfiet Island. You actually first meet her in the beginning in the quest, but we didn’t know that, because the chief investigator for the police is actually the Black Widow herself! Sneaky. Like Dr. Hare, she’s a possible contestant on Reality TV Island. Her dream involves her vandalizing various pieces of art while displaying her own art in a museam, guarded by little spiders. Her totem is represented as a paintbrush.

Creator’s Description:

Random Photo…

You won’t lose next time? See you on Counterfeit Island, Black Widow.

File #3: Captain Crawfish

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Description/Opinion: Yaar. Captain Crawfish’s may have the appearance of the cliche pirate captain, but he’s still a sea salt to be reckoned with. He’s that pirate captain of Skullduggery Island. Out of the villains, the journey to defeat him is the most complicated: you have to raise enough money to be able to purchase a Phoenix Warbird and then get that crew together. Last time we saw him, we abandoned him on the actual Skullduggery Island and just left him to… um… be stranded. However, it looks like the Erewhon police have apprehended Captain Crawfish from that island and ended up in the Erewhon Prison for Super Villains. His dream traps multiple versions of him in a comatose state on a rocking boat, some on the actual boat while others on the ship in a bottle. His totem is represented as the ship in the bottle, the Seachicken.

Creators’ Description:

Random Photo…

Quite possibly the only time you see a grin on his face is in a Pop Quiz answer…

File #4: Binary Bard

avatar image

Description/Opinion: Once known as Mordred, he’s the cyborg jester inventor in the dark sciences from Astro-Knights.  He also has the most complicated back-story (see Creators’ Description). Last time we saw him, we destroyed that… um… contraption by using his own bombs and chandeliers. After being beat up by the princess, he ends up being trapped in his castle because the orb is no longer in his possession. However, it looks like the… erm… space police got to him and sent him to Erewhon Prison. Also, he’s been voted favorite villain by Poptropica fans twice: once last year, and once three years ago (see the posts: A special message from the Binary Bard and Mr. Popular). His dream is a timeline of his past, from his early years as Mordred to his descent into madness to finally becoming the Binary Bard. His totem is represented as an astrolabe.

Creators’ Description:

Random Photo…

I don’t think detention’s gonna change the Binary Bard’s thoughts at all…

File #5- Zeus

Description/Opinion: The least original villain of the five, Zeus is the Grecian king of the gods and god of the skies. He’s had a rough childhood dealing with Daddy Cronus alongside his siblings. In the end, he and his brothers Poseidon and Hades defeated the Titans and took over the world. The three each took a realm, sky, sea, and Underworld, and became enemies. However, all those years made Zeus greedy with power and he started to yearn for control of the rest of Poptropica, more than just Mythology Island. He saw the perfect oppurtunity when you came into the picture and he had you fetch 5 sacred items for unknown reasons. He then tried to take over Poptropica using the sacred items, but you stopped him with the aid of Hades’ crown and Poseidon’s trident. In SVI, Zeus disguised himself as Dr. Jupiter and fooled you into getting the 4 totems of the four villains listed above and used them to try world domination again. But you stopped him, again, this time trapping him in a comatose state at a sleep chamber. His dream is a negative-colored weird version of his home island Mythology Island, and for some reason he doesn’t have a totem. Well, I don’t think we’ll be hearing from him ever again.

Creators’ Description

Random Photo…

(nothing like a good ol’ glass of grape juice to make a god happy…)

I’m both intimidated and excited about Super Villain Island… I mean I’m listening to a bunch of fitting songs and drawing them a lot… some more often than the others… but this is almost like a filler post, I guess.

Out of the four… I’m most intimidated by the Binary Bard. Why? Well, it’s kinda  a long story.

The night the Binary Bard was announced to be coming back, I had a dream with him in it. Forgot what it was really about, but I do remember that yellow and purple jester outfit. When I woke up, I made a post on the PHB called Sweet Dreams and Horrid Nightmares, explaining the Willy Wonka sneak peeks, as well as the sneak peeks that would come to be for Super Villain Island. Later, at about noon, the Binary Bard’s reveal post had two additional sentences in it. “Did you think we would just go away quietly? In your dreams!” It was creepy because the Binary Bard actually WAS in my dream the previous night… and I had no clue about the description of the island yet… so ever since then I looked at him differently.

Yeah, it’s a really strange reason. I know. But that’s just the way it is… for me.

BT out!

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  1. Awesome profiles, BT! 😀 That’s so weird that you had a dream about Binary Bard. That must have been really creepy…


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